10 Reasons Why Single Life Rocks

10 Reasons Why Single Life Rocks

Are you one of the rare few who’ve chosen to be on their own, to be single because they’ve simply had enough of failed relationships and heartaches? If you are, you’d be surprised to hear that you’re not alone. There are many people like you, who choose to be single instead of in a bad relationship, people who are happier on their own than with someone who doesn’t appreciate them for everything that they are. And if you’ve been at this attitude for a while you’ve certainly gone through moments of crisis, moments when you’ve doubted your decision and questioned yourself. Maybe you’ve even thought for a second that you should find someone, in a moment of weakness, before remembering how well that turned out the last time you tried.

And why did you chose this life? Well, if you’re anything like me you probably have a demanding and fulfilling job, you probably give back to the community, have a sweet, cozy home where you love spending time with your cat or dog and enjoy your garden in the summer. You’re satisfied with your life as it is, you’re surrounded with people you care about and people you know will never let you down. Your life is probably perfect as it is and you have no need to add all that relationship drama at the time being.

If you walk past a loving couple and you start questioning your decision again, here’s a nice little list that will remind you why you chose this life and what are the benefits from it:

10 Reasons Why Single Life Rocks

10 Reasons Why Single Life Rocks

You can flirt all you want

When you’re not in a committed relationship there’s no end to the flirting. You can flirt with any guy that walks in the bar, comes by at your job or simply passes by you on the street. You can practice this technique and not feel guilty at all.

You can go out and do whatever you like

If there’s no one waiting for you at home, you can do whatever you like. No commitments make an excellent basis for having fun.

You only need to check in with your parents (from time to time)

There’s no need to call up on someone and inform them you’re going to be late from work, the movies or your night out. You simply have no commitment to anyone. All you need to do is check in with your mom or dad from time to time and nothing more.

The bed is only yours

There will be no arguing over who gets the bigger part of the blanket, or takes up more space in bed. Your queen sized bed is yours and no one else’s. There will be no snoring, no pushing and no fighting for the bed.

You don’t have to worry if you’re with the right person

Everyone has that doubt in a relationship, regardless of how much you love your partner or how long you’ve been together. Is he or she the one? Will we be happy or will it all fall apart sooner than it started? If you’re uncertain about someone, if you don’t feel happy or satisfied in your relationship, why be in it in the first place? Being single will unburden you from these difficult thoughts and you can enjpy life carelessly.

You don’t do anything you don’t like to do

When you’re in a relationship you have to make compromises. Sometimes you compromise, sometimes your partner compromises, but either way you both end up doing something you don’t enjoy or you need to give up on something you want. When you’re single, there are no compromises, you can do all the things you want to do and forget about the things you don’t like to do. Every decision you make, be it the choice of restaurant or the movie you’re going to watch tonight, is yours and yours alone.

You don’t settle for just anyone

I believe that being with someone just so that you’re not alone is much, much worse than being single. If you choose to stay single you’ll know that you haven’t settled for someone who doesn’t treat you just right.

You have all the time on the world to upgrade yourself

There are no distractions, you have the time, the motivation and the energy to pursue your dreams and work on becoming a better person.

You can travel

It’s much better to travel when you’re single, regardless of whether you travel alone or with friends. You can enjoy your trip without worrying about someone else’s feelings, without thinking about the things you want to do and the things he or she wants to do. Travelling is much more exciting when there’s no one to hold you back.

You still keep the excitement of finding Mr. Right (or not)

All the people around you will probably tell you that you need to find someone, get married and start a family because that’s what people do. You won’t say that that’s impossible, but you simply don’t see it in your life for the time being. You enjoy being single, you enjoy life without a partner and you simply won’t deny yourself that pleasure. But if life happens to bring someone along the road, if you happen to meet someone who tickles your imagination and opens new paths for you, who knows what could happen? Life is unpredictable, but one thing is for sure, you’ve got no intention on sharing your bed with anyone else in the near future.

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