These 10 Signs Will Show If Your Partner Is No Longer Interested In You

These 10 Signs Will Show If Your Partner Is No Longer Interested In You

You can discover your partner’s feelings by noticing the small things that he/she does for you. These small things are hard to notice, but they are signs of your love. They can also indicate if your relationship is healthy and you should never neglect them.

These are the 10 signs that show your partner is no longer interested in you.

1. Not showing signs of love and attraction

If your partner is no longer showing love like he/she used to do in the past, the love has probably ended. If you are in a situation like this, concentrate on yourself.

2. Thinking of others

If you caught your partner constantly thinking of something and if he is no longer interested in you, you should talk to him and ask him about your relationship.

3. Deficit of communication topics

If you don’t have mutual things to talk about or you don’t talk at all, you’re probably not interested in each other and the best for you is to end this and to move on.

4.  Saying to you that is your fault

If your partner is the one that constantly keep accusing you for things that you didn’t make anything wrong, you should stop this and you should end the relationship.

5.  You don’t support each other

If you feel that your partner is getting frustrated by your presence and although you did nothing wrong your partner continues to blame you, end the relationship and start looking for someone that will make you happy.

6. Making up excuses for not being at home

Your partner’s work may be more complex and probably it will take more hours to finish it.  Still, if your partner doesn’t find time to talk with you, you should break up.

7. Your partner’s plans doesn’t involve you

If your partner is planning something for the future, and he doesn’t mention you, it is time to move on. This relationship is not getting anywhere.

8. Your partner is not showing respect

When your partner is no longer in love with you, he/she will forget the good moments that you shared and he/she will always mention the bad ones. Fixing this relationship will be impossible and the best that you can do is stop trying.

9. Your partner is not wasting time on explanation

If your partner doesn’t feel obliged that he/she has to explain to you about certain things or situations he/she might not consider you as important person in their lives. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t love you?

10. Your partner makes you feel miserable

If your partner doesn’t respect you and if he/she lies to you, hurts you or he/she even makes you hate yourself this relationship is very toxic. It can become even worse if you don’t end it.

I hope that these signs will help you realize that unfortunately your partner doesn’t love you anymore, so you can move on and find the right person.

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