These 10 Signs Prove You’re Not Lazy, Instead, You’re A Genius.

These 10 Signs Prove You’re Not Lazy, Instead, You’re A Genius.

Do you spend hours laying down and talking to yourself instead of doing something you were supposed to do? Do you tend to watch your favorite TV shows for hours and hours?

According to your parents and our hyperactive world, you are lazy if you do all the things I mentioned above.

But, this might not be true and there is a possibility that your sluggish behavior is a sign that you are a genius. Actually, this kind of behavior is characteristic for creative people with high intelligence.

Look at the 10 signs bellow, instead of lazy you might be a genius.

  1. You tend to talk to yourself. This is actually very good for your concentration and it is helping you put all your thoughts in order, which later will help you achieve the goals you have set in your mind.
  2. You have a very little circle of friends. Fewer people in your life means less stress and unnecessary anxiety, therefore, more time for you and yourself.
  3. You seem like you are not doing anything. Due to the many ideas that are going through your head, you are unable to actually choose one and stick to it.
  4. You take your time. You choose to work on one thing at a time rather than multitasking. You might appear lazy by doing so, but you actually tend to things perfectly and that is why you take your time.
  5. You tend to be messy. Being lazy inevitably leads to messiness. Your messiness actually leads you to discover some new and not so traditional ways of doing things.
  6. You like to doodle. Whenever, you see a clear piece of paper you get this desire to doodle something on it. This is how you retain information, figure out some new concepts and your attention to details gets better.
  7. You look nonchalant. You take your time to create the best solution to all your issues and you do it in a very calm way.
  8. You like to assign tasks to other people. The leader inside you knows that teamwork is the best way to handle things and you know which person is the best for a certain job.
  9. You are efficient. You will never put your time into doing things that are not important. Also, you are good at finding easier ways to do things and therefore you are more efficient than the other people.
  10. You like to nap. The smarter you are the more you exhaust your brain. This is why you need more sleep compared to some other people.

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