10 Signs From The Universe Telling You To Stop What You’re Doing

10 Signs From The Universe Telling You To Stop What You’re Doing

Most people believe that they create their own destiny. Everything that happens to us, whether is positive or negative is our fault. At the very particular moment we are not fully aware of the path we are talking, luckily the universe is there to provide us signs that tell us when we are on a good path or on a wrong path.

Warning signs from the universe mostly come in a form of unpleasant feelings or undesirable events.

If your thoughts and energy are negative, this will lead you in low vibrational frequency. As a result of this you’ll be experiencing unwanted events and feelings. On the contrary, focusing your thoughts and feelings towards positive things will lead you into high vibrational frequency. In this case you’ll be feeling so much better, cheerful, happy, life will serve you well.

But it can be tricky to stay in this high vibrational frequency, since we as humans tend to differ from high and low vibrational frequence. The point is to try and maintain the high vibrational frequency as often as possible.

All of this is happening we are here on earth, which represents the physical dimension that is slower and denser than the higher celestial dimensions in the outer universe. As a result of this,  we are likely to have undesirable events here and there, but as long as we remain positive and hopeful that everything is going to be okey, there is nothing to worry about. It’s always a good idea to know these signs and note the warning they represent.

Warning signs from the universe:

  • Stubbing your toe
  • Stuck in traffic for hours
  • Others speaking bad of you
  • Getting an injury
  • Unexpected costs
  • Bad feelings
  • Fights with your loved ones
  • Getting a flu
  • Experiencing anxiety
  • Insomnia

All of these signs tell you to stop for whatever you might be doing in that moment, whether is a conversation, working on some project, worrying over the same thing over and over again. Take a nice deep breath, calm yourself, meditate if you have to. All of this will help you release that negative energy and draw yourself back to the higher vibration frequency.

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