10 Things That You Are Doing Because of Your High Level of Anxiety

10 Things That You Are Doing Because of Your High Level of Anxiety

Anxiety is very serious issue, and if you haven’t faced it, you cannot really understand it. Thus, there are many mysteries and false conceptions about anxiety. Many people think that those who suffer from anxiety are immature and sluggish, but this couldn’t be more misinterpreted. Read the list below and discover a little bit more about anxiety, and maybe even expand your knowledge about previous effects from anxiety that you suffered in the past.

1. Staying at home, even though you want to go out and socialize

It is hard to understand if you haven’t experienced this before, but the people who suffer from anxiety tend to be antisocial. This feeling occurs because they think that they will make others feel bored.

2. Over-thinking over little and not important things;

People who suffer from anxiety often notice even the minor details like gesticulations, movements and body language. They are worried and think that they did something negative to others or that people will say something negative for them.

3. Sleeping disorder

Human beings that face anxiety have problems with sleeping at night, because they are focused on so many things during the day.

4. Imagining worst case scenarios

No matter how positive and good the situation is, the people who suffer from anxiety always think that something bad is about to happen. Sometimes that feeling can be so strong that they can become physically ill.

5. Analyzing every conversation

People who suffer anxiety use to analyze every conversation. After they communicate with someone, they analyze if they said something wrong or if they could have said something better. This is draining their energy and time.

7. Depicting feeling of guilt

If someone said that they will finish something, and they didn’t, or if someone has done something unsuccessfully, the person that suffers from anxiety will always blame them for the failure, even though they didn’t have the intention to do something bad.

8. The future is uncertain

Humans who suffer from anxiety find really hard to live in the present and they don’t want to face the same things in the future (and the period in between).

9. Comparing and criticizing

People who feel anxious always think that everyone else is better than them. It is very hard not to quit because this feeling doesn’t go away.

10. Mistakes are self-intensified

None of us is perfect, but many people who experienced anxiety cannot face the fact that they did something different from what they wanted to. They blame and shout to themselves.

11. Mental tiredness

People who suffer from anxiety are mentally tired and they need to sleep right away – or to sleep for a long period – although they are physically okay and fit.

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