10 Things A Husband Hates About His Wife, But He Will Never Tell Her

10 Things A Husband Hates About His Wife, But He Will Never Tell Her

These are actually the things that show how much he cares about you and it has nothing to do with hate. It sounds confusing but just continue reading and you will see the 10 things every husband hates about his wife.

1.    Your husband hates when you are in pain.

He feels the pain that you are feeling because he simply cannot stand to see you suffer. If it is possible he would change the places with you, just so that he could take the pain away from you. But, the only thing he can do is to be there beside you and help you get through it. Let him be your support.

2.    Your husband hates seeing you cry.

This might be in top 3 things that break his heart. Even when you think he is not listening, trust me, he is and all he wants is for you to ask his help. Even if there is nothing he can do, just let him be there and be your shoulder to cry on.

3.    Your husband hates when you are gone somewhere.

He misses you every single second when you are away. He might not tell you, but he can’t wait for you to come back.

4.    Your husband hates when you are not confident in your abilities.

Even when you are not able to, he will always see all your potentials. He always focuses on your strengths, while you probably only see your weaknesses. It breaks him when he sees you not believing in yourself.

5.    Your husband hates if someone does not treat you right.

It is in their nature, for men, to be protective. Every time he sees someone not treat you right, his head feels like it is going to burst from anger. He really loves you and the last thing he wants to see is someone mistreating you.

6.    Your husband does not like you to change just because you think he will like you more like that.

If you found someone who truly loves, then you do not have a single reason to change the way you just so that you can fit into some social standards.  Be the person you always were, because that is the person he fell in love with.

7.    Your husband hates seeing you fail.

He wants all the success in the world for you and it breaks his heart when you fail. He is probably the one who truly sees how hard you work and how much it means to you to succeed.

8.    Your husband does not like it when you are ashamed of the way you and your body looks.

Women’s bodies are prone to changes, especially during and after pregnancy. You need to keep in mind that he married you for everything that you are and not just your body. Of course, he appreciates when you try to look better, but he does not like when you compare yourself to other women and put yourself down if you do not look like them.

9.    Your husband hates it when he is the reason for your heart to break.

Sometimes he does something that he did not mean to do in the first place and he ends up hurting you. The last thing on his mind is to break your heart and if he does, then let him apologize and make things right.

10.    Your husband does not like to see you unhappy.

This is probably the number one thing he hates the most. You are the reason for his happiness and he wants that same happiness for you as well. If he ever does something you do not appreciate, let him apologize and do not leave him to suffer.

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