These are the 10 Things that Make Your Sister the Most Important in Your Life

These are the 10 Things that Make Your Sister the Most Important in Your Life

The one person that will always be your biggest critic on one side and your biggest support on the other is your bigger sister. She can sometimes make you cry or even hate yourself, but you know that she always does the best for you.

The biggest friend

She’s been protecting you since day one. She’s been watching you throughout your whole life, all your ups and downs…she’s been the one to hug you. Whenever you needed her, no matter if it was for some silly boyfriend or an honest opinion about your night look, she was there. She is the best advisor one can have!

One closet for two of you

It is kind of a natural law that the big sister always has better clothes. It doesn’t hurt to borrow some pieces once in a while.

She can work things out with Mom and Dad

One thing that means the most to you is that she is always there to put the ball down when you argue with your parents. She can get a little political, but you feel that she is always on your side. That way, you get what you wanted.


She is the only person that you feel the most comfortable with. You can say many weird things in front of her and she will always take it normally. There is no need to feel ashamed if you choose to stay in your underwear in front of her. You can even interrupt her in the toilet and still talk for hours about life and…well, love.

She knows the best movies, follows the fashion trends and listens to the coolest music

Have you thought about the time when you started improvising silly things with your hair? Your sister was there to stop you from looking like a clown in front of the whole class. She gave you the best music and thought you how to match your t-shirts with your jeans.

She tells the truth, even if it’s sour

While some of your friends were trying to comfort you with some “white lies” about the boy you liked, your sister was there to open your eyes and tell you the sad truth, that he love someone else.

She is present

Whenever you need her, whatever you want from her…she is present!

She knows the real  YOU

There are times when you doubt yourself. When you are uncomfortable being in your own skin. Then she comes and reminds you of all the good characteristics you posses.


She is a real therapist for you. She will calm you down better than any shrink in the world will do.

She is there, after all

Even when many years go by, and your ways split…she is the one you can always go to. She is not angry at you for not being there when she needed you. Instead, she will forget about those times and continue being the single best person in your life.

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