10 Things STRONG Mothers Say to Their Daughters

10 Things STRONG Mothers Say to Their Daughters

The love of a mother can have an immense impact on her children. In more than one way she is the one that shows them the path to becoming who they are.  Are you among the lucky ones who has an empowering mother? Or are you one of those mothers?

If you can spot yourself among these, then it is more than likely that you recognize these lessons:

1. Happy is not something we become out of nowhere. It is something we should work on

Happiness does not come out of the blue, it is all about working hard and being persistent. To find the good things in situations that seem desperate, it takes bravery. Daughters who can see their mothers as they create happiness in life will always have a model on how to make their own lives happy one day.

2. It is fine to trust others

An empowering mother will never make her beloved daughter feel bad for seeking help. This will contribute to her growing up into a person who has no fear asking for it. Support is necessary to all of us at some point in life; there is no shame at all in helping others.

3. They do the parenting with coherence and benevolence

Every child learns by seeing others’ examples, and it is wonderful how they grasp everything with the slightest of efforts. Therefore, as adults we all eventually incline to the parenting ways of our mothers. An empowering mother trusts that when this takes place it will be a beneficial push to the wanted direction, and not some bad feeling the daughter has to struggle with.

4. Everything will turn out fine at the end

Daughters whose mothers fight through life patiently and devotedly have a great role model. An empowering mother provides her daughter with things to count on such as spiritualism, philosophy, religion, even a feeling of trust towards the universe. She teaches her how to make use of it.

5. Do not ponder on past and lost opportunities

Empowering mothers say to their daughters that happiness should be found at the present, it is useless to ponder on lost opportunities.

6. It is not easy at all to be a woman

The world is not fair to women on so many levels. An empowering mother will teach her daughter how to face the challenge of being a woman with pride, honor and respect. Furthermore, she will teach her sons to esteem and have respect for women.

7. Weaknesses and Strengths can and should exist together

The cognitive empathy of women and their emotions should not be mistaken for weaknesses. These are their strengths that enable them to fight a challenge or overcome hardships.

8. You are the most important person in your life

The first and foremost priority of empowering women is to have love for themselves, which if very hard. The world is not an easy place. An empowering mother knows that she isn’t doing that for herself, but she teaches her daughter to do the same.

9. You don’t need anyone to feel complete

An empowering mother knows that her daughter can be complete even without a man by her side. She has herself to be that way. The most wonderful thing – love- can be found in billions of places and that does not require a marriage.

10. Absolute love exists and it is very empowering

This is a lesson to be learned via example. If a mother shows an unconditional love and affection for her children, she provides them with the most expensive present in the world.

An empowering mother will provide her daughter with a strength that she never believed she possessed herself. She will raise a woman that will fly high, higher than her. It is the best gift in life to see a daughter soar on the wings of strength her mother gave her.

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