11 Crucial questions that you must ask your partner before tying the knot

11 Crucial questions that you must ask your partner before tying the knot

Before settling down, you must get to know your partner’s character and personality. You might want to check out these 11 questions that you can ask him/her before you say “I do”.

  1. What is the reason that you felt in love with me? – This is a common question and every couple seems to ask each other, when the things are going on a more serious level. If you realize that everything comes to something that is material, you may want to hold on and postpone the wedding.
  2. What is the most important for you in one relationship, and can you adjust to your partner’s needs? – Knowing the partner’s priorities in the relationship and if he is able to adjust to you as long as you do the same, can promise a successful marriage.  If only one of the partners tends to goals achieving and from the other one is required endless adjusting, then, this can easily become an argument and even a provocation that will end with break up.
  3. Can you compromise? –  Without compromise you can’t even have friends. The compromise is considered as the key of a successful marriage.  If you notice that your partner  is saying “ you will do as I said so” you don’t want to continue and have any type of discussion with this person.
  4. Are you close with your family? – Not always, but in most of the cases if you are not good with your family and your closest ones how can someone expects from you to be good with someone else?  On the contrary, If you are very close with your family and you’re focused with their problems all the time, you can easily neglect your life and your relationship. Your partner will get the feeling that he/she is unimportant.
  5. Why you have chosen to spend your life with me? –  This is a question which can reveal your partner’s expectations. If you don’t agree with it, both of you can work on the problem until you are both happy with the decision making which will keep your marriage solid.
  6. Can you nurture the romance? –  If your partner’s response is that whenever he feels that both of you are not romantic like you used to be and he is the one taking the initiative for taking care of this, he/she is the one!
  7. Can you try to find a way and work through the rough patches so this marriage can function? – If someone doesn’t like to talk and he can’t accept the fact that everyone is different, he/she is not the type of partner that you want to be married for.
  8. Can you handle things if you are a parent? The parenting skills are moving from one generation to another. If you want to raise kids this will have big influence on the partner for sure.
  9. Can you put effort in this relationship, as much as I do? – The answer will help you get a clear picture of whether your partner is aware that you want your relationship stay close after the marriage.
  10. Can you continue to have your own hobbies and interests in this relationship? – if the partner continues to have different hobbies and interests and he feels happy, both of you will feel more self- confident and comfortable as individuals, knowing that you are not stopping each other of doing the things that fulfill you.
  11. If I die, will you honor my memory forever? –  If you get the answer “Yes, of course that I will, I love you” you are with the right person. But again you should discuss with your partner that if something like the above mentioned happens life doesn’t stop there. You should continue to love brining the beautiful memory with you.

It is really hard when someone has ended marrying the wrong person. Read this article once again and make sure that these 11 questions will help you discover if you are with the right one.

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