11 Warning Signs You Have A Truly Evil Person Around

11 Warning Signs You Have A Truly Evil Person Around

Humans are familiar with evil from a very young age. Children stories are filled with bad people doing bad things like Snow White’s stepmother, or the Big Bad Wolf in Red Riding Hood. The mainstream TV series and movie industry also give us a peak into the minds of the most malicious personalities.

Despite all the knowledge that humans acquire during their lifetime about evil, they often fail to recognize it when it enters their life.  Since the best way of dealing with wickedness and its potential abuse is steering clear of it, identifying early signs is very important.

If you want to be prepared, take a look at these 11 signals that you have a truly evil person around!

1. Time sucking black hole

Evil people like to socialize with you. This way, they will distract you and decrease your daily productivity. Keep track of time when you hang out with them and be decisive when you should interrupt them.

2. Unreliable Friends

When you fail, evil people run away like rats from a sinking ship. If you’ve have a period of bad times, but they seem to be sticking around, be sure that they have an agenda.

3.  Spinning genuine facts

An evil person wants to show their superiority over you. They always have to prove themselves as brighter and will go to great lengths to show that, even go beyond the standards of decency. If a fact doesn’t back up their argument, they will make it fit.

4. Reality doesn’t matter, THEY are always right

Evil people are know-it-alls and there’s no way around it. It doesn’t matter that you have the all the facts on your side, proving them wrong will only make you frustrated.

5. Deceptive

Evil people fear losing you and their weapon of choice to keep you by their side is deceitfulness.

If they stumble into information they can use in their advantage, they will present it in a way that you start believing it, no matter if it was actually true or not. What they want to achieve is to make you scared, isolated and as a result make you rely only on them.

6. Telling half-truths

Being economical with the truth is second nature to evil people. Even if they are caught when not telling the whole story, they will still try to get away with it by additional lying and deliberately holding back facts.

7.  Sharing disinformation

Evil people consider lies as acceptable in order to control you. They think is a valid tool to make you stick around and if caught, sometimes they will try justifying it and making themselves martyrs.

8. Proficient in being Machiavellian

Manipulation comes naturally to them. They always know what they’ll do next and they know exactly how to make anyone feel small and unimportant.

Don’t count on them being dependable.

9. Bad workers always blame their tools

Evil people are always right. Any attempt to prove them otherwise, will result in evil people blaming external factors and never taking responsibility for their own mistakes.

10. They don’t feel regret

Since evil people have a broken moral compass, they don’t feel sorry for the bad things they have done. An evil person just wants to use whoever they need at all cost, and then throw them to the dogs.

11. Leading Separate Lives

Since evil people are deceitful hypocrites who feel no remorse, they can’t escape living double lives. Different people know them in a different way and eventually they will start losing control. That is the moment when others around them start noticing their crookedness and evil people will start using flat out lies to defend their image.

If evil people treat you badly and take their anger out on you, it’s not just a passing mood. Staying in control of all the lying becomes hard after a while. It becomes even harder when someone is trying to be their true friend, which is why they become possessive.

Keep in mind, that you should stay as far as possible from evil and abusive people, and if you can’t do it yourself, ask someone you trust for help.

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