Here Are 11 Ways Which Can Help You Let Go Of A Person That’s Been Hurting You

Here Are 11 Ways Which Can Help You Let Go Of A Person That’s Been Hurting You

You know the old adage “Love hurts”? Many people make fun of it, but it’s very true. Love really hurts, and even though some people laugh at those with a broken heart, being hurt in this way may hurt more than anything in the world.

Ending up with someone you really love and getting hurt almost on a daily basis is even worse. Some people just can’t seem to let go of harmful relationships, no matter if it’s their partner or a family member in person. We’ve all been in a harmful relationship which left serious emotional (or even physical) scars on us. The main problem with these relationships is learning when to let go. Breaking up a relationship and staying with the person that hurt you can be challenging, but sometimes it’s the only way to keep yourself sane and healthy

Of course, you can never be sure that happiness awaits at the other side, but you have to try for your own sake. Here are 11 ways to get over the person that’s been hurting you:

1. You can’t just rush this decision. Getting over a person who’s been hurting you is really hard and the first step is difficult to take. You need to calculate all the possible outcomes and make sure you find the right time to break up. The best way may be sitting down in a quiet room and talking about the challenges. Don’t let distractions ruin your plan, or you’ll never get out of the relationship.

Take a look deep inside your soul and ask yourself if your relationships can be fixed – if it can’t, there’s no other way out than breaking it up.

2. If you do decide to get out of that relationship, you should know it’s not your fault. Don’t put the blame on yourself – after all, you’re the one that’s been hurt. Don’t put up with it – just break it up and you’ll be free forever.

3. When breaking up with a hurtful person, give yourself time to grieve. Get rid of all the mementos including the pics on your phone. Instead of focusing on the good times, think about the damage he or she has done to you. You can spend as much time grieving as you want – it will definitely help you move forward.

4. Think about changing your phone number. This might be hard due to professional or personal reasons, but in that way, you will be able to move on easier. The person who hurt you won’t be able to contact you or send a drunk text that might make you reconsider your choice. If you don’t and they contact you via text or call you, you might destroy all the hard work you’ve put in.

5. After changing your phone number or blocking theirs, the next thing you need to do is block them on social media. This is a very important step nowadays, as we spend most of our days on social media. Once you block him or her, they won’t be able to contact you again and make you give them another chance, which can have devastating consequences.

6. If you’re too damaged and can’t help yourself, think about getting professional help. A psychologist can help you move on and soothe the physical and emotional damage you have endured. Don’t be ashamed of it – every one of us needs some help with certain things in life. It’s completely normal.

7. Making new friends can help a lot after the breakup. New friends are a great distraction and will certainly help you during the grieving process. Hang out with them every day, have some fun nights out and forget all about the past – you enjoy being happy once more.

8. Once you break up with the person that’s been hurting you, you need to change your priorities. Make some new goals in life and work hard to achieve them. This will help keep you occupied and forget all about the harmful past.

9. You need to remember one thing during the grieving process – you deserve much better. Keep telling yourself that and believe in it, because after all the damage you’ve suffered, you really do deserve a break.

Go for that vacation you always dreamed of and do something reckless for a change. All of this will help you get over him or her and help you heal as well.

10. Start accepting changes once you let go of them. This is of crucial importance for the healing process as you need to replace a big part of your life. Changes will definitely come – you just need to learn how to accept them.

11. Have faith in yourself and that everything will be fine because it will be. Don’t be afraid of the future that awaits you – after all, you’re finally free of the shackles that have been keeping you down, so put a smile on your face and everything will sort itself out soon.

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