12 Signs To Spot Jealousy Around You

12 Signs To Spot Jealousy Around You

Do you ever find yourself in a situation when you accomplish something, start announcing it to people around you and everyone is cheery and supportive, but there’s always that one person who’s going to pour cold water on your success?

These type of people act like your friends, but deep down there’s plain jealousy waiting to erupt and intentionally bring you down. Caused by an inferiority complex, jealousy is a bitter feeling that makes people want what others have. If you define jealousy like that, everyone feels it sometimes. But, most of us merely have the good sense not to rain on someone else’s parade and move past it.

Recognizing your jealous well wishers and coping with them can be a daunting task. But these 12 tips will come in handy.

Trivialize your achievements

A jealous person will minimize your efforts and results, sometimes even offend you. But rather than confronting them, it would be more productive just to take a mental note of their behavior and become unassuming next time you get to talk about yourself.

Take pleasure in your misfortune

The most miniscule setback you encounter means feeding time for your jealous shadow. They will use every opportunity to make a big deal out of your mishap. Ignore their pettiness and carry on doing what you know best.


Despite Oscar Wilde’s positive context on imitation as a compliment, emotions can run high when someone obviously steals your ideas, career wise or in any other way. The best course of action is to stay calm and try to educate your copycat how to become the best version of their true self in every facet of life.


No matter what you do or say, jealous people want what you have and there’s no way around it. They will resent your very existence for no reason and it would be best to steer clear, rather than confront them.


Jealous people tend to create rivalries in order to prove themselves over you. Stop yourself from getting down in the mud with them and don’t succumb to provocations. It would just lure you in their destructive habitat with no productive results.

Stick around only for your failures

Failures usually mean that a person might be left with no one to rely on. But having jealous people around you, results in the opposite. They want to witness your troubles because it’s time to take centre stage and make YOU feel insignificant. Instead, they try to avoid you when success comes your way because it brings back their initial insecurities.

False flattery

Jealous people are sweet talkers. You might feel like they respect you, but as soon as you leave the room, a wave of remarks for your accomplishments will follow.

An instinct reaction would be to get back at them when the roles are reversed, but take the high road instead and recognize their full worth.

Passive aggressive empathy

Jealous people are never direct about their emotions. They prefer to act like they genuinely support you and make it very hard to see through their hypocrisy.

Malicious Blabbermouth

Spreading rumors, even lies about you is definitely a tell-tell sign of their toxic nature. In this type of situation you should act soon as possible and confront them in a civil way, because your reputation can suffer. You might try to get on their good side and make them stop for good, but don’t bet on it.

Deliberately obstructs

Jealousy cripples ones conscience to the extent they might have a low standard of what they feel guilty about. Be wary of the advice a person gives you even if you have a hunch of jealousy coming your way. It might be one of the ways they deliberately try to hinder you success.

Tiresome nitpicker

Just to destroy you, a jealous person will find fault with everything you do. Go past their negativity and don’t concentrate on their remarks.

Divide and conquer

A jealous person sees you as a target to be destroyed.  They don’t have limits and might even try to jeopardize your relationships and family ties.

Dealing with jealous people might seem like a dead end. But what you need to take away from analyzing jealousy is that its roots come from inner insecurities. The best way to act is to remain calm, not let their actions affect you and in some cases, to try to be helpful with constructive criticism.

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