If These 12 Things Do Not Exist In Your Relationship Then It Isn’t A True Love

If These 12 Things Do Not Exist In Your Relationship Then It Isn’t A True Love

One might ask himself “what is love?” and really what is it? We spend our lives searching for something that we don’t completely understand. Or maybe we have been searching in the wrong places. In this modern era, we even go as far as using online dating websites and even apps just to find the ‘true love’.

1.    Romantic love.

This is the kind of love that makes you start believing in happy endings, like those in the movies. It is kind of love that gives you butterflies in the stomach and you feel so close to that person that living without him/her gives you pain.

2.    The desire to become one.

It might sound funny, but when you share the love with someone and it so deep you become one unit with this person. You start liking, enjoying and doing similar things you simply co-exist.

3.    You are one team.

As long as you are together there is nothing that can stop you. The unbelievable becomes believable.

4.    Craving to build.

Couples who love each other tend to start creating something together. Whether it is adopting some pet or starting a family, as long as you are doing with your loved one there is no limit.

5.    Lack of expectation.

How can you appreciate the good if there is no bad? Every person has flaws, but when you love that person you tend to accept them and focus on the positive. Accepting the flaws makes the relationship even deeper.

6.    Incompatibility.

There are times when you start questioning how compatible you are with your partner. These may lead you to think that that is not the person you want to spend your life with. But, you shouldn’t give up so easily, because it might be just a phase and you should give yourselves another chance.

7.    Discovering the ghosts of the past.

How can you love someone if you don’t know their past and all that it might have? Understanding their stories, their wounds, all their battles, is what makes a relationship deep.

8.    Fighting some illness.

Eventually, some of you two will get sick and in a true relationship the other partner should take care of the ‘fallen soldier’.  As an I mentioned before, you won’t appreciate the good days if you don’t face the bad ones.

9.    True and addictive love.

The more we stay with someone, the harder it is to picture us without them in our lives. They become as the oxygen we breathe and without them we are dead.

10.    Being true to yourselves.

Honesty is not always pleasant, but for sure it is important. If our relationship is strong enough you will be able to accept the honesty and trust each other.

11.    When you love it means you have freed yourself from fear.

You trust your partner so much that you no longer feel fear or insecurity. You do not let unnecessary things bother your relationship.

12.    True love is a journey.

The real love is a journey and if you go over all the bumps on the road there are endless pleasures that wait for you.

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