12 Traits Of A Quality Woman

12 Traits Of A Quality Woman

Guys will get to meet various types of girls while dating. The more girlfriends they burn through, the more satisfying will be the moment when they find a great girl.

This girl that will hit that sweet spot of not being too clingy or too uncaring, not being a spotlight chaser, but also knows when to take center stage.

Now, when you think you have landed this perfect 10, a first rate woman, keep on reading just to make sure.

  1. Equality is crucial for a healthy relationship. She is never dependent on you, financially of psychologically.
  2. Even though she requires love, and is willing to give back, she doesn’t make you feel that your wishes should be held back just to please her.
  3. She always gives you space to have an individual life. As independent adults, both of you spend time with friends and family alone, and focus on your careers.
  4. You two always resolve fights by discussing the problems and digging until you come to the root cause of a particular problem. She knows that no two situations are alike and never uses arguments that generalize, for example men are (fill in with the worst possible adjective).
  5. You never feel uneasy when you take her out with your parents or friends. She always adapts her behavior to the situation and to different types of people.
  6. She motivates and believes you will make the right choices in life to reach your potential. You never feel like you are being pushed into becoming something you don’t want.
  7. She is mature about all matters relating to sex and is never shy to express what she likes or not in the bedroom. Being aware of the key role intimacy has for a great relationship she never evades talking about it.
  8. She doesn’t act like an insecure teenager and test your jealousy, since she knows she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.
  9. Her profiles are not an embarrassment since she is capable ‘to paint a good picture’ about herself, virtually and in real life.
  10. She has an idea about her future self and a certain path in her mind that she follows. She will not allow to be defeated by barriers put in her way.
  11. You feel like the best thing that happened to you was meeting this girl. An amazing, strong and self-sufficient individual who chooses wisely and if she picked you to share her journey in life with, she must truly love you.
  12. Despite the fact that she is opinionated and won’t back down from a debate, she would never compel others to accept her arguments as the absolute truth. You don’t have to be afraid that she’ll turn into an angry bull in strong disagreements either.

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