13 Signs That Show Your Partner Has Lost Interest In Your Relationship

13 Signs That Show Your Partner Has Lost Interest In Your Relationship

When we’re in a loving relationship we want to believe that everything is going just perfect and that we’ll stay with our partner forever. However, sometimes, we tend to overlook some obvious signs that signal problems in paradise. We love our partner so much that we want to convince ourselves that there’s nothing wrong with his behavior and that everything is just as it was before. But wanting something really bad doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen, and when things start to go downhill, sometimes all you can do is accept the reality and move on. If your relationship has come to the point that you’re trying to do everything you can to make him care about you, your partner is probably no longer interested in you. If you’re the only one who tries to make things better, it’s time to leave him.

Here are the 13 signs that will reveal your partner is no longer interested in you and your relationship:

He’s always too busy for you

Time is precious and we have it in a limited amount. However, if we care about our partner and our relationship we will always make time for them, that’s what love is all about.

He always wants to be in the center of attention

They’re always focused on themselves and you’re always behind, in the shadows. Everything is always about them, which is completely selfish and will never make you happy.

He plays games

He keeps playing games with you, leaving you in the dark about how he feels about you and never shows his emotions clearly. He plays it cold, and just when you start to distance yourself, he’s all into you.

You’re always the one who takes the blame for everything

Everything bad that happens is always your fault. This can be frustratingly annoying and you better leave him before you lose your mind.

He’s arrogant

If he starts belittling you, calling you names and always making you feel bad about yourself, he’s an arrogant little fool who doesn’t deserve you. Regardless of how successful or rich your partner is, if he truly loves you he will never make you feel less than him and will be happy for your every success in life, big or small.

He disrespects you

The most important thing in a relationship is the mutual respect between partners. If your partner no longer respects you, he probably isn’t interested in you anymore.

He doesn’t support you

Love and relationships are based on mutual support, your partner should always be there for you and support you in everything you do.

He never admits his mistakes

No matter what he does, how he wrongs you, he never admits his mistakes and he never apologizes. This is not a man you need, so move on and find someone better.

He tries to change you

Change is good, we all want to improve and to become better persons. But if your partner tries to change you so that you fit his needs perfectly, if he tries to shape you into a whole different person, he’s never been into you in the first place.

He cheats on you

This is self-sufficient, we believe. If your partner starts cheating on you, he doesn’t deserve you. You need to find someone who will be loyal to you and who will love you too much to ever think about cheating on you.

He isn’t protective

A loving, caring partner feels protective of his girlfriend, he wants to make sure you’re safe and sound at all times and he worries about you when you’re not OK. If your partner looks like he doesn’t care where you are and what you do when you’re not together, he probably doesn’t love you anymore.

He never listens to you

A loving partner will be all ears when you start talking and will remember every little thing you’ve told him because he cares about what happens in your life. If he never remembers what you talked about, he simply doesn’t care for you anymore.

He doesn’t want to commit

Being in a relationship is great, especially if there’s no commitment and you’re keeping it casual. However, there comes a point in a relationship when things need to evolve, to be taken to the next level and you both need to be prepared to make the next step. If he seems like he’s not interested in anything else but keeping things casual between the two of you, he probably isn’t that into you.

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