Did You Know That There Are 14 Ways You Can Tell If Someone Is Falling For You?

Did You Know That There Are 14 Ways You Can Tell If Someone Is Falling For You?

You might notice or not, but when someone likes you their emotions make them act in certain ways. Compared to women, men are easier to read and you can easily notice when he is falling for you. Love is something we all probably crave for and here are the 14 signs you can tell if he is falling for you.

1.    He is honest and open with you.

Unlike some men in the past, this one tells you the truth all the time and he tends to honest about everything with you.

2.    He enjoys showing you off.

He likes people to know that you are together and that is why he always holds your hand when you are in public. It is his way of showing how proud he is to have you as his girlfriend.

3.    He is able to see all those small things about you.

He is able to see everything that makes you being you and he loves you for that. He does not mind those little wrinkles you are so anxious about; instead, he loves them because they are part of you.

4.    He mentions you when he is with his friends.

Maybe in the past, you had a boyfriend whose friends did not know you exist and that is a huge problem. This does not mean that he has to talk about you 24/7 but his friends should know about you.

5.    He likes to talk about his interests with you.

This means he is open with you and he wants you in his life. If he did not care about you, he would not be wasting time telling you about his dreams and plans.

6.    He is putting an effort to get to know the people you care about.

He is always nice with these people because he likes to put a good impression in front your family and friends. He will never be disrespectful to the people you care about.

7.    Your safety is one of his concerns.

This man will never let you walk alone in the dark and he will do anything to make you feel safe and protected.

8.     He takes into consideration all your advice.

He cares a lot about your opinion and that is why he would like to hear your side about things that are important to him. So, when you give him advice, you won’t be just wasting air and he will actually listen what you have to say.

9.    He knows when to let you win when you are arguing.

If he thinks that something is not worth to argue about he will just let you win. He understands that some things are not worth to fight about and possibly ruin the relationship.

10.    He is not hiding his feeling in front of you.

He is never cold when he is with you and he likes to show you that he cares. This could be a kind of love you both experience for the first time.

11.    He does not forget about things that are important to you.

He will remember even the small things like your favorite candy or coffee flavor. This is kind of love that is so deep that he cares about all the small things about you.

12.    He will always show you that you can count on him not only through the good but also through the bad times as well.

He will do his best to let you know that if hard times come he will still be there beside you. Nothing can make him leave you and he will walk through anything besides you.

13.    He likes to be spontaneous with you.

He tries to make every single day special and different than the rest. He knows how to surprise you in the best ways possible.

14.    He is ready to leave anything for you.

If you need him, he will leave everything and be there for you. That is how much he loves you.

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