15 Habits a Person with Concealed Depression Has!

15 Habits a Person with Concealed Depression Has!

It is very common for people to not notice all the signs of depression. Those who have concealed depression are fighting the battle alone within themselves. They think that if they share their struggle they will be a burden.

Not many care to share all their wounds and they tend to heal by themselves while they bottle up all their troubles. Maybe the reason you clicked on this article is that you or someone you know is struggling with this kind of issue.

Here are 15 habits common for people who are fighting with concealed depression.

1.    These people are expressive and very talented.

Many famous people have been fighting with mental illnesses; this suffering is causing them to have much deeper emotions. Maybe it is the very source or their greatness. The depression can majorly be reflected in their work even though we are not able to see it. The darkness that is around them can make them bring wonderful things to the world.

2.    They always look for purpose in their life.

All of us search for the meaning in their life and want their life to be with some purpose. Those who suffer from concealed depression also look for the same purpose; they want to know their existence is not in vain. The difference is that they are more prone to anxiety and they will feel like inadequate because they will go after things that they cannot reach.

3.    Silent cries for help are something that is usual for them.

There is a point in everyone’s life when they need help. But, if we cannot see someone’s struggle then most likely we will not see their cries for help. If by any chance you notice their cries you will be able to create some bond with them.

4.    Substances are interpreted differently by these people.

People who suffer from depression are able to tell what can help them when they are very down. Medicine, of course, can help them and also sugar and caffeine can help them raise the mood. Unlike most of us, they spend more time to make themselves feel better. It is not something they can achieve easy.

5.    They have deep thoughts about death and life.

These people tend to think about their death when they are in despair and also, they look for the answers to deepest questions that life has. They are prone to going from one bad mindset to another even worse one. Some deal with suicidal thoughts.

6.    Their eating habits are a bit strange.

In their worst moments, they do not eat a lot or sometimes at all. On the other hand, there are those who eat a lot more when their worse moments come. It is different for every person.

7.    Their sleeping habits are also not normal.

These people either sleep for unusually long periods or do not sleep at all. Their depression is making them feel helpless and is rocking their world.

8.    Often they have abandonment issues.

We are not strangers to that awful feeling when someone is leaving forever from our lives. For those who suffer from depression, the impact is a lot bigger than to the rest. These situations make them hide their feeling even more than usual and the fear of being abandoned by their loved ones is rising.

9.    They can always come up with a cover story.

They always have some excuse for the things that are happening in their life, like not calling for days or skipping appointments. They are able to change the subject if it is not going in their favor and they will avoid bringing up the pain they are feeling.

10.    They might possess compulsive remedies.

People can make some changes that can help ease their mind. These can be listening music, exercising, taking walks etc.

11.    They continuously make efforts to look happy.

These people are prone to fake moods.  Therefore, they will seem normal and happy and they will not let their true inner struggle come outside.

12.    They are looking for attention and love.

The reason these people hide their emotions is that they fear so much of getting their hearts hurt. As we all do, they also like to be accepted and loved.

13.    These people simply cannot silence their brains.

They are able to process everything that is happening in their life very fast. Over analyzing everything is one thing they do a lot and that makes them feel even sadder. They simply absorb everything that comes their way.

14.    They are compassionate towards other people’s feelings.

If they see you hurting, it will make them feel the same or even worse way. They get affected by these kinds of things and it makes them feel paralyzed.

15.    They always think of the worst outcome of a certain situation.

It can sometimes be ok to be prepared for the worse, but it can also bring you a lot of stress. Depression and high intelligence usually go together, that is why these people can respond to any kind of situation. So, if you have a problem that needs to be solved, these are the right people to ask.

If you are faced with concealed depression or maybe you know someone who is, do not hesitate to ask for a help. You simply cannot win this fight alone! The world will open its hands to you if you let people help you. You have to understand that it is not your fault that you feel that way and you are not a burden to the people who love you.

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