Time Is Running Out: Over 15,000 Scientists Issue A Terrifying ‘Second Notice’ To The Human Race

Time Is Running Out: Over 15,000 Scientists Issue A Terrifying ‘Second Notice’ To The Human Race

25 years ago, many scientists made a warning that humanity is rapidly consuming Earth’s sources, plus the continuous growth of the population alongside with the drastic reduction of the natural environment will lead to huge problems.

But because we didn’t listen then, the scientists again signed up an appended version to the previous doomsday letter, saying that now we have even less time.

A professor of ecology, William J, Ripple said that if we don’t shift now from the failing trajectory, very soon it will be too late.

This group of scientists is also pointing the issue that our planet now has two billion people more than it had when this problem was originally addressed.

Scientists’ biggest concerns are that the planet is facing with enormous deforestation, we are running out of drinkable water, also the dead zones in the oceans, the pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels, the mass agriculture, the industry destroying biodiverse areas etc.

They also pinpoint the fact that humanity could be completely extinct by the end of this century.

The scientists warned that the continuous biological destruction will have great impact on the economic, ecological and social life. The world that we know today soon might be gone due to our behaviors, and they say it would be humanity’s suicide if we don’t make changes very soon.

They continuously point the fact how our time to act is very short, human population needs to be downsized, but in meantime, we should do something to protect the wildlife reserves that are left and also we can push diversity protection laws.

This warning also mentions the lack of steps that were taken after the first warning. The humanity failed in taking adequate steps in limiting the population growth, also not enough was done to reduce the greenhouse gases, restoring the ecosystem, carbon pollution etc.

The humanity no longer has time as a luxury, but still, there are some things that can be done to protect the forests, to stop the pollution of the waters, reduce the usage of environmentally hazardous fuels and chemicals, and the many others habits that we have developed that can be fatal to this planet.

The scientists say what we must start using more alternatives that are environmentally sustainable, the sooner we do that the better it will be and we might just save this planet that we call home.

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