16 Marriage Tips from a Divorce Woman You Need to Hear

15 Marriage Tips from a Divorcee that Every Woman Needs to Hear

The article we’ve prepared for you today can be considered the best guide for a happy, long-lasting marriage. The advice we offer come straight from the book of a divorcee after a 7-year long marriage and what she got out of her experience. Every relationship, including a marriage, needs to work both ways, meaning both partners need to be invested in it so that it can function. Otherwise, it is doomed to fall apart.

Here are some tips for the ladies and how to make their marriage last:

1. Always try to see the best in him – We all have some little things about our partner that annoy us like crazy, but if we focus on these we’ll slowly start to drift apart. Try to focus on the things you love about your partner instead and always look for the best in him.

2. Making love – Every healthy, functioning relationship includes regular sexual relations. Physical intimacy may even be more important than emotional after a while, so try to keep things steamy in the bedroom.

3. Ask for advice from older, happily married women – These women probably know the secret to a happy, long-lasting marriage and only if you ask them for advice it may prevent you from making an awful mistake.

4. Give him some space – Men need their alone time and don’t want to feel suffocated all the time. Give him some space and time and enjoy your private time as well.

5. Don’t try to change him – As much as you think there’s so much he can do to become better, don’t push him because you’ll only push him away. Let him want to make the change on his own and then lend a hand if he asks you for advice.

6. Compliment him – Men are not so different than women, they too want to feel attractive, wanted and masculine. Give him a compliment every now and again and make him feel good about himself.

7. Laugh at his jokes – Even if he’s not the best comedian, laugh at his jokes, it will mean the world to him.

8. Own your mistakes – We all make mistakes, that’s not so bad, but you need to take responsibility for your actions and not blame your partner for everything that goes wrong.

9. Don’t go into gossip mode as soon as he walks through the door – This is super bad, ask him about his day, how he feels and tell him about yours after he’s rested from work. Don’t attack him with your gossiping at once.

10. Be there for him – A healthy, loving relationship means that the partners need to be there for each other in times of need. Show your support and be there for him when he needs you.

11. Don’t talk about other men around him – You wouldn’t like your partner to talk about other women in your presence either, so don’t do it yourself.

12. Open up your heart – Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in front of him. Open up to him and let him inside your world of fears and deepest secrets, it will make your relationship stronger.

13. Let him love you his way – We all love differently and you need to respect this about your husband. He may never rise up to your expectations about how love and romance should look like, but don’t hold it against him, he still loves you more than you can imagine.

14. Be honest with him – Never lie to him and always come out clean about everything in life. Honesty and trustworthiness are the most valued traits in a relationship.

15. Never humiliate him in public – This may be your biggest mistake, humiliating him in front of other people. You should always support him in public, regardless of how annoying he may be. Keep your arguments and disagreements behind closed doors and away from the public eye.

16. Forgive, forget and love him forever – Everyone makes mistakes and as long as they truly regret it and never do anything to hurt you again, they can be forgiven. Always love each other and be understanding, these are the pillars of a long-lasting marriage.

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