18 Tips on How to Satisfy a Strong Woman

18 Tips on How to Satisfy a Strong Woman

It’s a known fact that men are attracted to strong women, independent women and confident women. But not many men know how to behave with a strong woman once they manage to conquer her because these empowered, independent women are much different than any other woman they’ve been with.

A strong woman can love you and want to be with you but she will never let herself depend on you, she will never really need you because she can do it all on her own. She will respect your needs but will not let her needs be neglected. She will never compromise her aspirations, her ambitions and her values for anyone, even the one she loves.

Men are afraid of strong women because they know a strong woman will not hesitate for a moment to leave them if she’s not treated right, if she’s not given the respect she deserves.

If you’re with a strong, independent woman, here are a few tips on how to keep her satisfied and happy with the relationship:

– If you want to win her trust prepare to work hard. She will start trusting you only if you’re honest, respectful and dependable.

– Don’t ask her to be vulnerable in front of you, but let her be if she needs to.

– Show her that she can confide in you, that she can tell you her deepest secrets and that you’ll keep them to yourself.

– Be honest and don’t play mind games with her.

– You need to own up to your mistakes just as she does, this is not a one-way street.

– Don’t put your shield up when she challenges you, if she gets into a debate with you it means that she respects your opinions and want to hear more.

– Show her that you’re grateful to have her in your life.

– Even though she will never tell you she needs you, show her that she can always count on you. And make sure you show her that you won’t think less of her if she asks for your help.

– Be happy for her and her achievements in life, show her that you’re proud of her.

– If she fails in something, support her and tell her that her efforts are appreciated.

– Show passion for the things she likes, like helping out in the community, volunteering and making other people happy.

– Don’t overstep your boundaries.

– Support her in her spiritual practices and give them a try, even if they’re not your thing, she will respect the fact that you were open to the idea and will love you even more.

– It’s not just saying that you’re sorry that matters, showing that you’re sorry is much more important, as she values actions much more than empty words.

– Support her ambitions and let her support yours. Let her help you achieve your dreams.

– Talk about her career ambitions and praise her for everything she’s done.

– Show interest in her friends and family.

– Never gossip and offend people that are not around, strong women despise it.

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