20 Rules to Live By are Left by the Native Americans for the Mankind

20 Rules to Live By are Left by the Native Americans for the Mankind

The most powerful thing that people have is the thought. Thoughts are creating our personalities and they influence our behavior. Many thoughts were spoken and that’s how many words of wisdom were created. No matter what nationality or religion people belong to, they all connect to some words of wisdom. The power of these words goes beyond every religion and nation, in fact it goes over every difference between people. This code creates people’s personalities and shapes the characteristics of every culture.

Such very spiritual code is the Native American Code of Ethics. The first issue of this code was in 1994 in Tribal Times, helping many people to improve their lifestyle and get the best of it.

The Native American Code of Ethics

-Wake up and pray with the sun. Pray alone and very often. Just when you speak is when the Great Spirit listens to you.

-Tolerate everyone who has lost his way. Refuse to have all those negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, ignorance, greed…

-Find yourself by yourself. Don’t allow anyone to choose and create your path. It is only yours and you are only one responsible for your choices. You can let others to walk that path with you, but never let them take it from you.

-Treat your guests right. Appreciate their existence and serve the them lovely food, make them the best bed and respect them.

-Never take something that is not for you.

-Respect everything around you equally. It doesn’t matter if it is a person or an animal.

-Respect the thoughts of the people and never interrupt their ways. Never make fun of someone’s thinking and give them the right to express.

-Don’t speak badly for others.

-Mistakes indeed can be forgotten and forgiven, since everyone makes them.

-First help yourself then help the others. Always be true to you.

-Don’t force someone to enter your religion and respect theirs.

-Share your fortune, enter a charity with enthusiasm.

-Negative thoughts lead to illness. Practice to become optimistic.

-Nature is part of you. Every living creature is your family.

-Children are our future; treat them with love and respect. Raise them with wisdom and give them enough space to grow.

-Never hurt others. Their pain is poisonous and can come back to you.

-To be honest is the best thing in the universe. Stand on the side of the truth.

-The Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical self of yours need to be brave, honest and healthy.

-Make the decisions consciously. Be responsible of your own actions.

-Don’t interrupt someone else’s privacy. It is only their property, especially the sacred objects.

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