These 20 Signs Show Your Man Truly Respects You

These 20 Signs Show Your Man Truly Respects You

How can you know if you’re with a man who truly respects you for who you really are? Well if he does at least half of the things on the list below he’s a keeper:

1. Whenever he introduces you to someone you start blushing because his description of you usually entails exaggerated personality traits and many, many talents. This means he sees you as someone extraordinary and wants the world to know how much he respects your talents and character.

2. He’s insanely attracted to you whenever you strike up a heated conversation at the dinner table, be it with close friends and family members or someone you just met. You often catch him with the corner of your eye as he smiles and observes your crazy efforts at proving a point you’re so passionate about.

3. He always seeks your advice on topics he knows you’re more acquainted with. He’ll continue asking you meaningful questions because he truly loves when he learns new things from you.

4. He’s never arrogant when he knows that a certain topic is in his area of expertise. He’ll never act pompous either because he loves sharing his knowledge with you.

5. He doesn’t see your struggles in life as a weakness, instead, he finds them endearing and is always willing to help you get out of the mess you’ve created.

6. If he ever manages to prove you wrong about something he’ll be in the clouds, because according to him 80% of the time you’re right, even when you’re not.

7. He’s your rock and he always pushes you to your limits because he knows that you can succeed in everything you put your mind to, all you need is a little nudge from your boo. He believes in you that much.

8. He’s more excited to give you the best orgasm than giving himself one.

9. Whenever you’re intimate he’s more focused on your pleasure than his and he tries to please you with every new pose you try.

10. If you start talking about some new guy you met that you respect and admire he’ll start feeling a bit jealous. This is not his mistrust talking but it’s his fear of losing you because he knows just how amazing and irresistible you are.

11. In the rare moments when he doesn’t like your outfit he’ll find a way to tell you what he thinks without offending you. He’ll even make it sound like a compliment instead of a critique by saying something down the lines of “Your sexy behind doesn’t get enough credit in this outfit you’re wearing”.

12. He uses every word in his vocabulary when it comes to complimenting you. And it’s not just words, he truly feels that way about you.

13. You’ll never get tired from listening to him say how much you mean to him or how he couldn’t picture his life without you, and he says it quite often.

14. He has more fund cleaning or doing the dishes with you than spending the time in front of his TV, He likes to support you in everything you do.

15. He wants to hear what you have to say on every little thing, his outfit, his career strategy, the political events, the celebrity gossips, simply everything.

16. Even if your opinions on a topic are opposing he’s not scared of telling you what he thinks as he knows it will never end with a fight but a healthy, constructive debate.

17. He always sends you links from articles he knows you’ll like reading, even for stuff he’s never thought about opening before he met you.

18. He has been, is and will always be your number 1 fan, just like you are his.

19. Whenever you feel down or upset about something he’s challenged into becoming a better man for you or try his best to help you out of the crisis you’re in. Even though he knows that all your problems don’t stem from him, he still tries, as he hates to see you struggle.

20. He can hurt you sometimes, but when he does he never fails to see the gravity of his mistakes. He cares for your feelings and will never intentionally make you feel bad. He’ll try his best to make it up to you, apologize and be more careful in the future.

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