24 Facts You Didn’t Know About Left-Handed People!

24 Facts You Didn’t Know About Left-Handed People!

Only around 10% of the population are left-handed people. Although the main cause behind such a phenomenon is still unknown, researchers conclude that there is an association between the surroundings and human genes and our environment. Left-handers are often coming from a family where some members are already lefties.

In fact, studies show that the brains of left and right-handed people function differently. Left-handers are characterized as more independent in comparison with right-handed people.

Here are the 24 curious facts about left-handed people:

– Left-handed people comprise about 5 to 10% of the entire world population.

– Left-handedness was historically related to neurosis and predilection to crime.

However, it was also connected with creativity and predilection to music.

– The word ‘left’ is an Anglo-Saxon term. It is a derivation from the words ‘lyft”, which means ‘weak and broken’.

– Left-handers, in fact, use their right brain hemisphere.

– Nearly all infamous murderers in recorded human history were lefties. For instance, the Boston Stranglers, Osama bin Laden and Jack the Ripper were such left-handers.

– 1 out of the 4 astronauts from the Apollo program was left-handed.

– As it was mentioned above, being left-handed is in fact a genetic trait. For example, the Queen Mother, her daughter Queen Elizabeth II, her son Prince Charles, and then his son Prince William, were and are all left-handed.

– Left-handed people more commonly develop allergies or asthma than right-handed people.

– Scientific research has determined that if a left-handed person injures their principal hand, they are very quickly adapting to using their right hand, unlike the right-handed people.

– Left-handers are proven to provide better achievements in architecture, spatial awareness and mathematics.

–  Lefties are likewise good at swimming, baseball, boxing and tennis.

– Around 40% of the best known tennis players are in fact left-handed.

– Left-handers even feel in a totally different way in comparison to right-handers which is a direct result of being able to assess information more swiftly.

– Lefties see much better underwater.

– On the other hand, left-handers are more prone to insomnia than right-handers.

– Left-handed people reach puberty about 5 months later than the right-handed people.

– Left-handed people have August 13th as the International Left-Hander`s Day.

– However, lefties are also more prone to alcoholism. Lefties have a 3% greater risk of developing addiction to alcohol.

– A woman giving birth in her forties is at 128% greater chance of having a left-hander.

– In the US, 4 out of 7 states are left-handed.

– Animals can be left-handed/pawed too.

– Left-handers graduating from college have a 26% more likely to get rich in comparison to their right-handed peers.

– It is estimated that just in the United States now live approximately 30 million left-handed people.

Source > seizepositivity.com

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