25 Awesome Tips for a Beautiful Life

25 Awesome Tips for a Beautiful Life
  1. Walk for 15-30 minutes every day with a smile on your face. Smiling will make you feel better, always!
  2. Divide 10 minutes of your day for yourself and use it to enjoy the silence of your company.
  3. Every morning you wake up ask God to give you guidance and lead you forward in the day ahead.
  4. You should try to eat more foods that grow on plants and trees and avoid foods made in factories.
  5. Drink more water and green tea and consume more almonds, broccoli and blueberries.
  6. Make it your goal to put a smile on at least three people every day.
  7. Avoid wasting energy on petty gossip and arguments, expel the negative thoughts and don’t focus on things you cannot change nor control. Enjoy in the present and focus on the positive things in life.
  8. Your breakfast should be fit for a king, your lunch for a prince, and your diner should be that of a student with empty pockets.
  9. Sometimes life seems unfair, but it’s always good.
  10. Don’t waste your energy on hating people, forgive your enemies and remember that life isn’t forever.


  1. Don’t be so serious all the time!
  2. Not every fight is worth winning, sometimes you need to accept that you don’t see eye to eye with someone and just let it be.
  3. Forget about your past mistakes and move forward in life.
  4. Never compare your life to the life of others, we all have different paths in life.
  5. Only you can make yourself happy!
  6. Every time you think a disaster has happened just ask yourself, will this matter five years from now?
  7. Help a friend in need and be generous to those less fortunate than yourself.
  8. Don’t care about what others think about you, it’s nothing to stress about.
  9. Time will make everything easier.
  10. No matter how bad or good you think something is, remember that it can change in an instance.


  1. Don’t be consumed by your job, it won’t heal you when you feel sick or down, but your friends will, so stay in touch.
  2. Don’t be envious and love what your life!
  3. You should thank God every night before going to bed for everything you’ve accomplished today.
  4. Don’t let stress rule your life, it’s too short to let it be ruined by stressful situations.
  5. Make sure you share this list with all your friends and loved ones so that they too can be happier!

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