These 3 Bad Habits Point to High Intelligence

These 3 Bad Habits Point to High Intelligence

We’re usually chided for our bad habits. People think that they are an indicator of laziness or stupidity. But, studies looking into this have found that some of those habits are actually linked to a high IQ. So while doing these things will not raise your intelligence level, doing several of these bad habits means that you are more likely to already be more intelligent.

What are these bad habits? Here are three of them.


We have heard it time and time again – messiness means you’re disorganized and less productive. But, a psychologist at Minnesota University discovered that the people who have messy rooms usually have a higher IQ.

This might be because the reason for your mess is that you so busy doing other things that you don’t have time to organize, or that you follow your own system that stems from your creativity. You room might look messy to some, but you know exactly where everything is.

Kathleen Voghs, a psychological scientist associated messy environments with people who break away from what is conventional or ordinary.

Not being an early riser

Ah, the bane of being a night owl. If you need to get up early for work, it means you are always tired, and if you don’t, it means you’re perceived as lazy no matter how much work you do while everyone else is asleep.  Your circadian rhythm runs the opposite of others. A study published in ”Psychology Today” explains that the circadian rhythm exists in all animals, and is there to regulate sleep.

The only way to change your rhythm is to consciously work at it, something humans can do. That is why night owls are able to get up early with ease after a while, and how early risers can still work till late if they really need to.

When scientists analyzed young people from the US, they established a link between your natural rhythm and your intelligence level. People who went to bed later had higher IQ. This can even be confirmed if you look at the daily schedules of exceptional people – a great deal of them were also night owls, so you’re in good company.

Potty Mouth

Swearing is chided as not only being impolite in certain circles, but also as a mark of low intelligence, because if you had a vaster vocabulary you’d use it.

But a study done by researchers at Marist College in New York has actually disproven this stereotype. It actually claims the opposite, that people who have a swearing habit actually have a bigger vocabulary.

The study also revealed that people who swear have a higher rhetoric skill. And since profanity is more linked to raw emotions than other words are, it means you’re more likely to be expressing what you’re feeling.

Since it is linked to emotion, swearing can actually relieve all types of stress and ease pain.

So there is no reason why swearing should be thought of as an indicator of low intelligence.

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