Here Are 3 Survival Skills that Are Not Easily Perceived

Here Are 3 Survival Skills that Are Not Easily Perceived

This episode of Brain Games is dedicated to the actual evolution of the human brain which produced to the creation of many sensory systems containing features that make people survivable under dangerous and heavy situations. We will also focus on the people who have a psychological ability to stay strong at survival. According to the researchers the biggest influence in this strength during dangerous and stressful situations is the level of social intelligence of the brain, and the potential to collaborate with other people. Read about the tips that experts give about the optimization on the survival equipment of the brain.

Appreciate yourself and learn how to sympathize yourself.

Laurence Gonzales is an author who was studying the characteristics of the ‘failed’ survivors. He found out that they never feel or see that they too are victims of some situations. These people didn’t say a word or expressed a complaint for the things that have happened to them. This attitude distracted them from looking at the things that were needed to be done to survive. The positive state of thinking doesn’t need to come only when a disaster happens. Russell Grieger have explained an exercise in the article Psychology Today, and it goes like this: First, think about three situations that can have a bad influence on your happiness, and create a checklist of things that you will do to erase them. Then try to do no less than two of the things you wrote. The energy you involved in this process will produce an action of focusing on yourself, instead of accusing things and actions that others made.

Always have time to listen to the others’ wise words.

Laird Hamilton might look like the most fearless guy to you, because he rides the biggest waves, but he stated a very lovely situation in one Men’s Journal article. Moreover, he said that when he enters strange or difficult situations he prefers to talk to a person who knows what he does and thinks at the certain time. He tends to hang out with them, because being able to understand their thoughts and actions they took when they faced the same situation, is of a great importance for you.

Know when and learn how to STOP.

If you are trapped in a difficult situation, it is more important to have an organized plan than to run around and scream in panic. According to the hunting and outdoor experts, you should always STOP when you find out that you are facing a problem, and confess the situation. Then, focus on what you have to do to get out of the situation. Start with observing the certain area, look for potential food, and materials that can help you build a shelter. After that, make a plan on how and when you are going to use those sources of food, tools or fuels.

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