Here’s What Every Relationship Needs Besides Love In Order To Be Successful

Here’s What Every Relationship Needs Besides Love In Order To Be Successful

True love exists in fairy-tales, but it’s much more complicated in real life. Just like The Beatles once sang, love is really all we need. We’re hopeless romantics that believe love can conquer all, but in reality, love is not really always wonderful. With divorce rates rising each year, it’s becoming clear that not everyone believes in love anymore. Sure, it’s grand, but relying on nothing more than love in a relationship is not enough to keep it going.

Love is just like a flower – it can’t thrive on its own. It needs to be nurtured and supported before it blossoms and before you can reap the fruit. Neglect the “flower”, and it will soon wither and die. Make no mistake – if you don’t trust or respect your partner and their wishes and do even more besides loving them, your relationship is doomed to fail.

Here are 4 things a relationship must have besides love:


Trust is the leap of faith when two people share a life together. Sharing your life with your partner means gaining their trust – if lovers are not trustworthy, the relationship will not last for long. They should believe that their other half will never hurt them deliberately or deceive them in any way.

Leave trust out of your relationship and you will doom yourself to doubt and suspicion. If you can’t trust your partner, you shouldn’t be together – it’s that simple.


Respect is another highly important factor in a relationship. Respect is the essential worth you can pin on your partner. Have you ever asked how valuable you are to your partner? Some people say they’ll kill or die for you, but actions always speak louder than words. The way your partner treats you truly shows if he\she values you and your opinion.

If you disrespect each other, you’re showing that your partner is not that important to you, which can ultimately end your relationship.

Common Value

Love transcends culture, religion or education – it’s a universal thing that can work between different people and even different animals. However, couples should at least have a few things in common to make the relationship work. Of course, they don’t have to agree on anything, but having some values in common is definitely needed.

You don’t have to share your hobby or opinion with your partner or even agree with it. You have to make a compromise, however, on things such as finances or raising children. There are some non-negotiable principles in a relationship which couples must respect. They must agree on where their priorities lie and where to draw the line. Fail to agree to all of this, and your relationship is doomed to fail. Different values and lack of compromise are among the most common factors that ruin relationships.

Common Goals

Looking at each other with lust in your eyes isn’t real love – real love is looking in the same direction. It’s fair to say that relationships are the ultimate partnership that exists, and as such, it is deeply rooted in teamwork. You know how they say – teamwork makes the dream work!

This saying is especially true for relationships – if you’re not able to work as a team with your partner, it will eventually destroy your relationship. The struggle between two individuals in a relationship will become exhausting over time and the partners will eventually separate. In order to avoid this, you need to work on common goals and share your plans about what direction you need to take.

As you can see, love itself is not a guarantee that you can make the relationship work. Trust and respect your partner and share common values and goals, however, and you’ll build a stable relationship which will move in the right direction.

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