The 4 Zodiac Signs With the Strongest Personality and They Main Traits

The 4 Zodiac Signs With the Strongest Personality and They Main Traits

Astrology is probably one of the oldest sciences that researched our character and personality traits and the earliest attempt of finding the common grounds for analysis between people. Nowadays not many people believe in the power of astrology and the hidden meaning of the Zodiac, but contrary to what many people believe, astrology can be a very accurate science.

How many times have you found yourself sharing some very similar personality traits with a friend or acquaintance with the same zodiac sign? Do you think it’s just a coincidence or are there no such things as coincidences? As much as you would like to think that this is sheer superstition, many people would disagree with you. So even if you’re a sceptic, open your mind a bit and read up on the subject, you may be surprised by what you learn.

In today’s article we’d like to talk to you about the fantastic 4: the 4 zodiac signs who are the strongest and most powerful of them all. Read on and discover if you or someone close to you belongs to this group:

Aries – 21.03 – 20.04

The Aries is always the one who charges first, in every situation. They share the energy and adventurous spirit of their star animal and it’s no wonder that they’ve ended up on our list. They’re fearless and will walk the highest mountain and swim the deepest ocean to achieve what they want.

However, their stubbornness can sometimes get the better of them and their rebellious nature can cause them to act impulsive sometimes.

Celebrities Aries:

  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Maya Angelou
  • Rene Descartes
  • Harry Houdini
  • Lady Gaga

Scorpio – 24.10-22.11

The Scorpio is one of the most intense zodiac signs. They’re driven and passionate and will always aspire towards greatness. They set their goals high and will do anything to achieve them, which is something that defines them as persons.

The Scorpio can have some arrogance issues and sometimes even believe that he or she is invincible. However, they may discover that not everything will always go in their favor and become disappointed. They’re also openly critical about people and things, so don’t be surprised if you get your harsh truth from the Scorpio.

Celebrities Scorpios:

  • Ryan Gosling
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Katy Perry 

Cancer – 22.06-23.07

Cancers are often perceived as too emotional but the truth is that they’re just as strong as the Aries or the Scorpios. They are persistent and dedicated, which is what makes them so strong and powerful. They know what they can do, they’re confident and well-aware of their competences. They’re also quite ambitious, which is what drives them forward.

The down side is that they can sometimes be too ambitious and this can be quite hard for the people they’ve chosen as life companions.

Celebrities Cancers:

  • Julius Caesar
  • George W. Bush
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Meryl Streep
  • Prince William

Leo – 24.07-23.08

Leo is most likely the strongest of the 4. They have the traits of a lion, fierce, dominant and born to lead. They dominate every conversation they participate in and people love them for their charisma and charm. They lit up a room as soon as they enter it and they break hearts and turn heads as they move.

As every other strong, dominant sign, the Leo can often come off as stubborn and arrogant. They’re too proud and will often stick to what they believe, even if they know they’re wrong.

Celebrities Leos:

  • Barack Obama
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • Andy Warhol
  • Louie Armstrong
  • Madonna

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