You Know What Men Can’t Resist? These 5 Common Female Behaviors

You Know What Men Can’t Resist? These 5 Common Female Behaviors

A woman is a man’s true best friend and the most amazing gift in his life. She may annoy you, but she also cares about you the most – you must know that. Still, there are many annoying habits woman have that can make a man go crazy, like talking childish or calling him all the time when he’s out with friends. There are, however, many habits men simply can’t resist.

Here are 5 female behaviors men enjoy:

Playing with His Hair While He Drives

Women just love stroking their man’s hair while they’re driving. It’s not about the physical pleasure – it’s also an expression of caress, affection, and love and men just can’t resist it.

They Listen to Him Carefully

Men have the need to get something off their chest every once in a while and they expect their woman to listen to them when they open up their heart. This makes them feel loved, so feel free to do it more often.

Praising Him on Facebook

Regardless of what they say, men love public attention. So, when you praise him on Facebook or other social media sites, you can bet they love the attention.

Showing Attention and Love in Public

As we said, men love the attention in public – whether you’re correcting his hair or helping him with his jacket, they enjoy the hell out of it.

Sending an SMS While You’re Out

Sending your man an SMS while you’re out for dinner with friends is a great move as men love it. They love it when you think of them while you’re busy, so do it more often if you want your relationship to last.

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