5 Most Often Problems in a Relationship For Each Zodiac Sign

5 Most Often Problems in a Relationship For Each Zodiac Sign


(March 21-April19)

  1. You want everything to happen as you planned, but your partner may find it difficult to handle your passion and tempo.
  2. You can’t end the unhealthy relationship because you want to believe that you were the one that did everything to save it.
  3. You constantly think about the future. You make plans for the future and you always plan the things that should be happening in the relationship.
  4. You can’t accept the fact that someone said NO to you.
  5. You cannot accept the fact that the love has gone away.


(April20-May 20)

  1. When it comes to your partners, you are very intolerant and you sometimes use the wrong words when talking to them.
  2. When your partner upsets you, you tend to become unforgiving and correctional. Your choice is bringing justice instead of ending the relationship.
  3. You are very challenging in the bedroom.
  4. You have your priorities settled and you can’t stand if your partner is not doing the same thing.
  5. It is hard for you to compromise.


(May21- June20)

  1. You are so self-centered that you often forget to pay attention to what your partner wants and needs.
  2. You get stuck on the first impression when meeting someone and you cannot understand that the love sparkles wouldn’t stay the same like on the day you meet them.
  3. You hate habits and you are scared that getting comfortable will destroy your relationship.
  4. You argue a lot – over unimportant things.
  5. You want to decide about the interior design, and you often have arguments with your partner about this.


(June 21-July 22)

  1. You need love all the time, and if you notice that your partner doesn’t love you, you will be tense and resentful.
  2. You are in a constant fear that your partner is going to end the relationship.
  3. When partner pays too much attention to you, you start to feel trapped.
  4. You have doubts about staying single and experience new things over being with one person.
  5. You want to settle down – unfortunately it is never the right moment for you.



  1. You want others to have great opinion about your relationship, so you keep pressuring.
  2. You want more time and attention from your partner, but you are not doing the same in return.
  3. You want to be financially careless and you always look for a comfortable life for you and your partner, but when it comes to work, your opinion is that your partner should work more.
  4. You are holding things inside, but eventually you will burst out and attack your partner with everything that you didn’t say before.
  5. You are scared that your partner is not good as you are.


(August 23-September22)

  1. You are old-fashioned and it is hard for you to accept if the partner is different from you.
  2. You want each activity to be mutual, no matter if this is toxic for your relationship.
  3. You say inappropriate things when you are nervous, and if this continues you can explode.
  4. You always accept everything no matter of the fact that you know you can’t realize it.
  5. You are opened to compromising and easily get hurt.


(September 23-October 22)

  1. You can’t accept if your partner doesn’t pay attention to you. You are very needy.
  2. You are very doubtful about relationships, and you often end up in relationships that are not serious.
  3. You think that you can rescue people.
  4. You always see the positive when meeting people and it is hard for you to understand that not everyone is good and kind.
  5. You prefer lying over telling the truth knowing that it can hurt your partner, but you are not careful so eventually you will get caught.


(October23-November 21)

  1. You cannot accept the fact that someone is cheating and you don’t want to think about having that life.
  2. You are very romantic from the start of one relationship, but as the time goes by you end up being uninterested.
  3. You don’t want to talk about your private life and the issues with your partner.
  4. You take everything so dramatically.
  5. When you get mad to your partner it doesn’t end up quickly.


(November 22-Deecember 21)

  1. You want to be free unfortunately your partner will disagree with your need of traveling by yourself, having not serious relationship and being with you less than they want.
  2. You cannot understand others’ limits and you always have issues in the relationships because of your free spirit.
  3. You don’t waste time to explain yourself. You leave people without any doubts.
  4. Your relationship can be so toxic that you and your partner will end up tired and losing interest of everything.
  5. When it comes to physical appearance, you tend to look perfect and you can’t stand if someone is lazy or doesn’t pay attention of how s/he looks.


(December22-January 19)

  1. You want everything to be perfect for your partner that sometimes you forget about yourself.
  2. When you are with someone for longer period, you get too cozy.
  3. You don’t like to argue. You prefer letting your partner to solve the issue alone.
  4. You accept decisions that don’t make you happy.
  5. You justify a lot when being in a toxic relationship.


(January20-February 18)

  1. You often need distance from your partner and this is very problematic for both of you.
  2. You often feel like no one understands you.
  3. On the one hand you are great orator and you can communicate with everyone, on the other, you seem very lost when your partner doesn’t complete something that they promised.
  4. You are scared of getting uninterested, so you prefer leaving over trying to figure out what can save the relationship.
  5. You can’t agree about future plans with your partner – you are scared of getting trapped and losing the chance for exploring love, life and diversity.


(February19 – March 20)

  1. It is hard for you to show your feelings and you end up being misunderstood by your partner.
  2. You are restrained, and your partner might get the wrong impression that you pretend hard to get.
  3. You need to spend time alone so you can relieve the stress, but your partner may disagree on this.
  4. You don’t like to be with your partner if they don’t open to you.
  5. You feel like you are the one that constantly care about your partner, and that you are not getting the same in return.

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