Did You Know That These 5 Signs Indicate That You Have Been On This Earth Before And Now You Are Reincarnated?

Did You Know That These 5 Signs Indicate That You Have Been On This Earth Before And Now You Are Reincarnated?

Reincarnation means that the energy of your soul is not killed after you die and it actually tries to move onto some other life form, a brand new host.

This idea is the most accepted in the Asian cultures and it has been around for about 3000 years. According to this belief, some of us have lived one or more lives before this one and there is a possibility that we remember those past lives.

These five signs might help you realize if you are one of those people who have been here on this earth before.

1.    Powerful dreams.

Yes, dreaming is common for every single person on this planet, but some dreams can be so strong that they could be more of memories than just dreams. The easiest way for the memories of our past lives to expose to us is through our dreams. Therefore, if you have some particular dream reoccurring over and over again that one might be a memory from your past life.

2.    Déjà vu.

This is one popular phenomenon which has a few explanations why is it happening. Some explain it as neurological dissonance, others say it happens due to the overlapping that happens between parallel universes. But, there is also huge possibility that the déjà vu is an experience that has happened to us in some past life.

3.    Phobias and fears.

Many people have some phobia or a fear for which they can’t really find a logical reason. There those who link our fears with the memories of our past lives. This would mean that if you were attacked by a shark in the past life, in this life you will have this unexplainable fear of sharks.

4.    Bizarre memories.

Sometimes kids have memories of things and events that their parents do not recall of. The kind of memories that turn out to be extremely accurate. This means that if this kid has been murdered in his past life his memories can lead the investigators to find the body which was his host in his previous life. Isn’t this the strongest proof that reincarnation exists? All those memories that you might have and that do not appear real, those could be from some previous life.

5.    Intuition.

The older our soul is the easier it is for us to use our intuition. This means that strong intuition is an indicator that your soul is mature and has lived many other lives before.

There are probably, even more, signs that prove reincarnation, but if you have experienced some of these 5 then it means that you have been on this planet many times before. No matter what kind of beliefs you have, you cannot deny that these 5 signs exist. Maybe number 4, the bizarre memories, is the one that will make you a strong believer that this thing called reincarnation is actually real. I wish this list will help you find some of the answers you have been searching for.

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