5 Signs Your Partner Is Bad For You

5 Signs Your Partner Is Bad For You

When you’re in a relationship, it can be hard to think about it with a clear head. You care about your partner, so you think that you can work out any problems you have. Usually, after you break up with someone and you gain some perspective, you wind up noticing all the problems you had. You realize that they didn’t care about you the way you cared about them, and that it would have been better if you were never together. You might have noticed the majority, or all five of these things:

1. Not there when you need them

They are never there for you when you need support, but they expect you to be there for them no matter what. You feel like you can’t talk to them about your problems, because they don’t care. They miss birthdays, anniversaries, and special activities. You feel like you are so far down the list of priorities that you you’re not even on it.

2. All take

A relationship is a two-way street. You support one another, you give each other time and love and support. But when only one person in a relationship is trying and supporting the other, while the other just takes and pours their problems on the other person, you have an imbalanced relationship. That type of relationship can only be the weight around your neck that drags you down. Because if your partner doesn’t support you, who will?

3. Achievements

Everyone has their goals and where they would like to be. When you are in a couple, you have to take your partner’s goals into account. Because when one person in the couple succeeds the partner should be happy, right? Because you have both succeeded. But if your partner seems to hate when you’ve succeeded instead of them, when they lower you down every time you try to rise up, that is not healthy. They should be happy, not compete with you and bring you down You should be proud of your achievements.

4. Belittling

People tease one another. If you’ve been with someone a long time, sometimes you do poke one another with a playful insult or two. But intent matters. If your partner insults you to hurt your feelings, even if they try and play it off as teasing, that is not healthy. They should take your feelings into account, just like you do. Someone who loves and cares about you wouldn’t try and make you feel bad about yourself, in public or in front of other people.

5. Liars and cheaters

A certain amount of trust in needed in a relationship. When someone breaks that trust there should be a good reason behind it, and they should be sorry and want to fix it. But if your partner doesn’t care if you trust them, if they toy with your emotions and go through a string of flings behind your back and trick you and them into fulfilling their desires with no regards to your feelings, then you need to leave, repair yourself, and find someone that will care.

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