5 Signs of Unconditional Love

5 Signs of Unconditional Love

We all want to fall in love and live happily ever after with the person of our dreams. Love is a feeling that simply lifts you up and makes you have a positive attitude in life. When that love is reciprocated, then you’re in the clouds.

Stuart Fensterheim, an author and a couple expert says that unconditional love is a transformative and freeing experience as it allows you to stop trying to control and change your partner, you accept him/her as they are and you love them the same. You’re able to work on your own progress and growth and explore new ways to feel happy and joyful.

But the problem is how can we know if it’s truly unconditional love what we have with our partner? We know that out partner loves and respects us but does he feel unconditional love? If this question bothers you as well, we’re here to finally put an end to your curiosity. The following signs are a tell-tale signs that your partner truly loves you unconditionally and that your relationship is meant to last for a long time.

Growing old with you is the only thing on their mind

Whenever you start talking about growing old together, living in a house with a white picket fence, watching your grandchildren run around in the backyard, his eyes start to glow. They can really picture themselves growing old with you and there’s nothing they’d love more than spending the rest of their life with you.

You share your deepest secrets with them

If you feel like you can share every little detail with your partner, if you can tell them your deepest, darkest secrets and know that they’ll safeguard them like they were their own, your love is unconditional. When they hear your most embarrassing secrets and still love you the same, accept you as you are, then they really, truly love you unconditionally.

You make them feel proud and they let you know it

They see all your accomplishments, small and big, as their own and they feel so proud of you. They also make sure you know how proud you make them feel and how much they respect everything you do. It can be something as small as cooking their favorite dish or getting that long-awaited promotion at work. When people feel appreciated and recognized in a relationship they feel happy and they’re more motivated to work on their relationship and make it stronger and better. Everything you do, they find it amazing and they never forget to tell you how amazing you are.

You have your disagreements but you always resolve them peacefully

There isn’t a couple that doesn’t fight, it’s healthy to say what bothers you out loud and work on fixing your issues constructively. But you always make sure that you communicate and find a compromise that will make things better. You’re happy because you know that every argument you have will be resolved and will make your relationship even better.

They’re protective

Let’s get something sorted out, being protective is not the same as being jealous whenever you go out alone. It means that they care about you and want to make sure you’re always safe. They’ll do everything they can to protect you and prevent anything bad from happening to you. They’ll always think about you and there will never ever be anything more important than your safety and well-being.

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