We All Have These 5 Spiritual Powers That We Choose to Ignore

We All Have These 5 Spiritual Powers That We Choose to Ignore

If we all knew how powerful spiritually we are, humanity wouldn’t suffer that much. Unfortunately, people rarely chase the power of spirituality – they only chase money and power. The very power they chase eventually becomes their downfall. Instead of focusing on chasing money and power, we should focus on the powers we inherited, yet forgot how to use. These powers, like spiritually, are a given and when we learn to use them fully, they would liberate everyone on Earth.

It takes a lot of practice to use spirituality, though. It requires serious commitment and isn’t something you can learn to use overnight. However, once you master it, you can use this incredible power to act as a light for others in these dark times.

Here are 5 spiritual powers we didn’t know we inherit:

Our Inner Voice

Were you aware that we all have an inner voice that essentially acts as our ‘Spider sense’? Some call it instinct, while others know it as intuition. Listen to this inner voice more often and you’ll learn how to let it guide you to victories.

The Ability to Control Our Breath

The ability to control our breath is a given which can be learned to relax our mind and soul. When you get calm, you vibrate at a higher frequency which will help you face anything in your way.

The Ability to Connect with Others

Although most people ignore it, our ability to connect with others is a given. Use it to reach friends and partners as having them by your side will raise your other powers as well. If you’re not a close friend to someone, you can’t expect to have one. When you’re feeling powerless, this ability is what can give you the power to overcome difficult situations.

Your Laugh

You know how people say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’? It’s not a ruse – it really works! Sharing your laughs with others will help you build strong bonds that will improve your physical and mental well-being.

Your Creative Juices

Creative people are creative because God granted them this power. If you’re not sure what you’re good at – experiment and explore and do whatever makes you feel good. Use your creative juices to stay in the moment and achieve great power.

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