These 5 Things Will Help You Discover If Your Guy Is An Emotional Psychopath

These 5 Things Will Help You Discover If Your Guy Is An Emotional Psychopath

Some men are abusive, both sexually and emotionally. They really believe that people can be hurt only physically, and not with words.

They are emotionless. Briefly, they are not sociable and maniacs.

The emotional maniacs are very devious. They can do things and they can perfectly cover their crime so no one will notice. These signs will help you discover if you are dealing with emotional maniac:

He always tries to make that it’s your fault

Usually these people are not impolite, but they are good with mysteries. Most of the times they will act like they care and they will make you look like it’s your fault. “Honey I know that you didn’t want to argue. I know that you didn’t want to ruin our evening and I know that it must be hard for you being so sensitive all the time.”

When you show your emotions these people will start talking about something else, and they will accuse you for starting a fight. They cannot solve a problem, but they are always here to accuse.

Anything that happens, it is because of you

Although you think that this is the same like the very beginning, it is not. Not only for the things that concern both of you, these people will accuse you for everything that happens in their lives. If they didn’t get the job done it is because of you, if they did something bad it is because you made them feel bad. If your marriage is falling apart you are the one that is blamed. Everything that is bad reflects you and not your husband.

He makes you cry

These people will leave you with 0 self-confidence. They will do everything to make you feel useless and not worth living. They will even try to convince you that they love you no matter what. You will feel so broken that you will start hesitating in your abilities and character. You will stop thinking on everything good that is connected with you and they will trap you even more.

He will put down everything else

He will try to change your mind if you like to hang out and socialize with friends. Your friends can give you an advice of what kind of person you are married with and he will no longer be able to trick you. Ultimately, he will try to convince you that he is the one that loves you the most and that you don’t need anyone else in your life.

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