Here Are 5 Things Men Really Want and Need in A Relationship

Here Are 5 Things Men Really Want and Need in A Relationship

There are literally hundreds of articles about what women want in a relationship, but what about men? Men have their own wants and needs in a relationship, although they rarely talk about it like women do. If you want to be the perfect partner, however, you should learn what men really want. This will help you improve your relationship and take things to a higher level.

Here’s what all men really want from relationships:

It may not seem like it, but men really want to communicate openly in a relationship. Believe us – they don’t need hints and clues. They consider this lack of communication which can lead to irritability and eventually angry outbursts. So, talk to your men openly, don’t drop clues and expect them to solve mysteries.


Above everything else, men need to feel appreciated. The male ego is really famous and should be nurtured. If you want your men to stay happy, you need to appreciate all the effort he puts into your relationship. They especially like to hear good things about their sexual prowess, so tell them how good they are in bed.

Of course, not all men need to be appreciated all the time, but when he’s doing something good, why not praise him for it? It will do your relationship good.


Men need to be respected – again, it’s connected to their ego which needs to be nurtured. You should respect everything your partner does for you in a relationship. He should know that you appreciate his efforts which will make them trust, respect and love you too with all their heart.


Due to the busy schedule and stressful life nowadays, men need nothing more than comfort in their love life. They want to be relaxed and feel comfortable when they get home in order to soothe their stress. Remember – men do have emotions, even if they don’t float on the surface. They draw their strength for you, which is why you need to be supportive.

No Games

It’s simple – if you want your man to be happy and satisfied, don’t play games in a relationship. Men expect their partner to be respectful and free of mind games. Believe us – they don’t appreciate this kind of games. So, stop playing games with your man and your relationship will be much better.

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