These 6 Signs Are an Indication That Your Partner Doesn’t Deserve You Anymore

These 6 Signs Are an Indication That Your Partner Doesn't Deserve You Anymore

Getting stuck in a bad and depressing relationship is easy. Over time, some people just get too comfortable and lazy, losing their self-worth and ruining the lives of their partners. If you’ve noticed signs that your partner just doesn’t like you anymore, we’re sorry to say that your relationship is coming to an end. In this case, it’s better to let go than stay in a toxic relationship which will destroy both your souls.

Here are a few signs that your partner is just not that into you anymore:

They Make You Feel Bad

Whether it’s accidentally or on purpose, you’ve noticed that your partner is getting mean and making you feel small often. This wouldn’t happen in a healthy relationship which is based on mutual respect. If your partner demeans you every day, it’s time to put an end to things, because you don’t deserve it.

You Just Can’t Depend on Them Anymore

Some people are great at organizing their time – they respect your time too much to be late. Others, however, don’t care whether they’re late or not. When you notice that you just can’t depend on your partner anymore and they get upset if you confront them about it, they don’t respect you anymore. If you choose to stay silent and keep the relationship going, things will only get worse, so get out of it if you want to save yourself.

They Take More Than They Give

In order for a relationship to work, both partners need to invest a lot of themselves in it. Giving and taking is an important process in a relationship, but this dynamic is sometimes one-sided. If your partner takes without feeling the need to give, they’re probably using you to their own advantage.

You’re Bored When You’re Together

If you’re in a happy and healthy relationship, you’ll never be bored. Your partner will find ways to entertain you instead of letting boredom rule, and when you lose this, you should have a talk with them. If you can’t locate and resolve the problem, you need to put an end to your relationship.

You Apologize for Their Behavior

A partner who doesn’t love you anymore will act like an idiot in front of your family and friends frequently. If you feel the need to apologize for their behavior all the time, your relationship has run its course. You don’t deserve to apologize for their stupid behavior and they probably don’t even like you anymore, so why the hell would you like staying in that kind of a relationship?

They Lie and Cheat

Liars and cheaters are the worst. They clearly don’t respect you enough to talk to you and try to fix things. Instead, they run to the next person they like and cheat on you just because you no longer mean anything to them. In this case, you can only do one thing, and that’s to break things off. If you want to save your dignity, the only thing you can do is break that toxic union.

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