These 6 Signs Are True Indicators That You’re in A Happy Relationship

These 6 Signs Are True Indicators That You’re in A Happy Relationship

Relationships can be hard to decipher. Sometimes, it’s obvious that the people involved are happy, but other times, happiness is just a mask about the rot underneath. How can anyone he happy in a relationship? Is it just a smile on your face or something more? Being in an ideal relationship should add happiness to your life and make you a better person. Happy relationships are more likely to succeed, but we’re often misled about what a truly happy relationship is.

Hollywood has unfortunately painted a seriously wrong picture when it comes to happiness in a relationship. Movies, books, and the internet often have the signs of happiness wrong and can make us doubt what it means to be really happy. Fortunately, there are some signs which are true indicators that you’re in a happy relationship – here are the most obvious ones:

You Have the Same Taste

If you enjoy the same movies and TV shows and you have the same taste in music, your chances of staying together for the long run are significantly increased. Studies have shown that the happiest relationships are between people who have the same taste, so if you and your partner enjoy the same TV shows when you Netflix and chill, your relationship is truly happy.

You’re Content All the Time

If you’re feeling satisfied when you’re with your partner and butterflies are ‘flying’ in your stomach whenever you see them, it’s a definite sign that you’re happy. This is the first indicator that your relationship is truly happy and will most likely continue to be. It’s a sign of true love indeed.

Making Love Keeps Getting Better

Making love is a major part of any relationship and it’s fair to say that if you don’t practice it often, your relationship is lacking a key part. If you’re in a happy relationship, regular intercourse should keep getting better and better instead of stagnating. Sexual compatibility is incredibly important for a relationship and you should adjust a bit to your partner’s needs. They should do the same and when you’re both finally in sync, you’ll find new ways to satisfy each other and keep yourself happy.

You Laugh All the Time

If your relationship has gotten sour and depressive, it’s obvious that things are not going well. A happy relationship means sharing laughs all day long and wanting to spend time together because it’s pure fun. If you laugh with your partner and keep things light you can be sure everything’s fine.

You Don’t Make a Mess Out of Things

There’s no relationship without a fight. It’s normal to disagree over things every now and then and how you handle things can be an indicator of how happy your relationship is. In general, you should keep small things small. Don’t fight over petty stuff, as it has the potential to grow into something big and ruin things. Keep the small things small and don’t make a mess of things if you want to have a healthy and happy relationship.

Make Your Fights Productive

Eventually, you’ll get into a fight with your partner – it just can’t be avoided. However, if you both leave the room angry and yelling, you won’t accomplish anything. Instead of making a scene, try making the fight more productive. Most of the times, it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong. Don’t pick sides and try to resolve the argument before it does irreparable damage.

As you can see, happiness in a relationship is not confined to giggles and laughs. Don’t believe the media – it’s the little things that count. If you want to be happy in your relationship, stick to the tips above. Have a positive attitude toward your partner and life in general and you will never get negative and depressed.

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