6 Things All Married Couples Do After Being Together for a While

6 Things All Married Couples Do After Being Together for a While

All couples have their little things they do that set them apart from other couples. They have their own little traditions, their own language that nobody else can understand and they share a universe that’s made just for the two of them. However, once they’ve been together for longer they start to get comfortable and they start doing some things that they never imagined they would ever do at the beginning of the relationship.

At the start of every relationship we all want our partners to see the best version of ourselves and we tend to hide some aspects of ourselves that we think may be embarrassing. But after a while, we start feeling more relaxed in the relationship and we even star doing some of the gross things we believed would freak our partner out.

A survey into married couples and their habits revealed some of the grossest things married couples do after being together for quite some time and we bring the 6 that caught our interest:

Going to the bathroom together

Once you start brushing your teeth with your partner and doing your business in front of him or her, you know that you’re reaching the peak of your comfort zone. People who love each other and feel comfortable with each other have no boundaries. There’s nothing embarrassing for them, or shameful so they have no problem going about their morning or evening routines in front of their partner. This is not as gross as some new couples would think, it’s actually kind of cute and very time-saving.

Popping each other’s pimples

Ok, let’s get real, I think that this is by far the grossest thing married couples do, and much to our surprise, almost all of them do it. This is one of the most common things all couples revealed to share, those who’ve been together for a long time at least. It may be gross, but there’s no denying that we all feel a weird satisfaction once we finally get to pop that nasty zit or pimple that’s destroying our face, but doing it for our partner seems a bit off. However, it’s still a thing that most couples do and who knows maybe we’ll start doing it some day as well.


Well we all do it, let’s admit it, once we get comfortable, I guess there’s nothing shameful about something as natural as burping. This is actually considered to be normal between couples, burping in front of each other, so there’s no surprise couples that’ve been together for long are doing it. If you’re comfortable doing it in front of your friends and family, why wouldn’t you be comfortable doing it in front of your partner?


Again, we’re talking about a natural bodily process, but most of us are ashamed to do it in public and it’s considered socially inappropriate. At the beginning of our relationships we all like to pretend like farting is something we’ve never done but after some time we tend to relax, drop our pretenses and it becomes a totally normal thing to do. As embarrassing as it may be at the beginning, farting is actually quite funny and we shouldn’t be ashamed of doing it in front of the person we love.

Morning kissing

We all know that our morning breath doesn’t exactly smell like roses and peppermint, but that’s simply how it is. We tend to be uncomfortable with kissing our partner first thing in the morning at the start of the relationship, always reaching for a mint before he or she wakes up. However, after some time, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal and you give in to the morning smooches without worrying about it. That’s just how things are for loving, comfortable, long-time partners, and it’s actually sweet knowing that you can be completely yourself in front of your boo.

Sharing a toothbrush

And of course, we’ve saved the best one for last, the survey shows that far too many couples actually don’t mind sharing a toothbrush with their partner. I believe that we need to draw the line somewhere, around toothbrushes for example, but many married couples don’t seem to feel that way. They kiss each other, make out and do all sorts of things that involve exchanging bodily fluids, so their logic is that there’s nothing gross about sharing a toothbrush with your partner. Do you agree?

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