These Are The 6 Unique Personality Traits of Introverts

These Are The 6 Unique Personality Traits of Introverts

There are two different types of personalities – introvert and extrovert. We fall into either category by the way we approach others. But, is it possible to be a bit of both? Do you even know what qualities make up each? Today we’re going to reveal certain personality traits of introverts, most often seen as people who keep to themselves.

Do you have a friend who prefers staying at home alone than going on a beer? Does your friend enjoy his alone time and goes to the movies just by himself because he feels better that way? In this case, your friend is an introvert. People who love spending their time alone often need to explain themselves when they don’t really need to just because society doesn’t get it. However, just because they prefer spending time on their own doesn’t mean they’re strange.

Here are 6 great introvert qualities that will show you they’re special:

They’re Loyal

Introverts don’t really have a wide circle of friends. You won’t find them in groups at club openings or at open-air concerts. Instead of having a group of friends, introverts like having one of a few meaningful friends who they feel comfortable letting into their life. They’re loyal to these people and will be with you in times when you need help.

They’re Open to New Ideas

Just because these people like spending time alone doesn’t mean they’re not open to new and exciting things. However, before they plunge into a social activity, they will need their alone time.

They Are Levelheaded

Introverts spend so much time on their own that they imagine every possibility and situation in their head until they get to the root of the problem. When they feel stressed, however, they don’t get anxious as they already know the solution. They can simply take a day off and sit alone with their thoughts in order to “recharge”.

They’re Comfortable with Their Own Thoughts

Most people simply can’t spend their free time alone. They need to be with friends at a bar and hate sitting in a quiet room. Introverts, however, love spending time alone and enjoy their thoughts. This helps them navigate their way out of every slump and fix any problem no matter how big it is.

They Understand the Value of Yours and Their Time

People who spend time alone appreciate its true value. They put a high priority on time, so if you devote some of your own time to them, they know how to appreciate it. These people will never waste your time and will make the most out of it.

They Have Strong Boundaries

Introverts have strong and healthy boundaries which allow them to communicate in a healthy manner. These boundaries and all the time alone gives introverts the space to think about what works and doesn’t work for them, which helps them in many situations.

As you can see, introverts are not so strange and bad as you think. They just have a different approach to life and accepting them as they are is the only way you can gain their respect.

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