This 68 Year Old Lady Will Rock Your World With Her Rendition of Highway to Hell

This 68 Year Old Lady Will Rock Your World With Her Rendition of Highway to Hell

Sometimes we just need a little reminder that no matter how old you are if rock music is in your heart, it will stay there for the rest of your life.

Today’s article is about the 68 year old Jenny Darren, who is a retiree from Birmingham with a permanent residence in the Cotswolds. Ms. Darren is a singer who’s always been into rock music and has even supported AC/DC on tour back in her days while she was still into the music business. She’s released 4 albums and even has some songs featuring Nicko McBrian, the Iron Maiden drummer.

Despite her tremendous love for rock, she gave it up and crossed over to a more traditional style like jazz and classical music in her older age.

She’s been a singer since her early age, heavily influenced by rock masters like Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. As a teenager, in her twenties, she was on tour with AC/DC and is now hoping to reignite that rock fire inside of her and show the public that she’s still got it.

Jenny Darren on Britain’s Got Talent

Jenny Darren decided to participate in Britain’s Got Talent and her amazing voice and rendition of the classic AC/DC Highway to Hell gave her standing ovations from the entire crowd and the judges as well.

Everyone looked at her funny as she revealed her age but when she asked the audience to give her a chance and started unbuttoning her cardigan to slip into a leather skirt, black tee and boots, the crowd was already on fire.

The judges looked at her in disbelief and slowly started to see what this little old lady had to offer. As she started singing the opening riff the judges realized that this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime performance. It’s not easy to shock Simon Cowell, but seeing his face was proof enough that this lady is simply amazing.

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