7 bad relationship advice that you should immediately dismiss

7 bad relationship advices that you should immediately dismiss

There are different kinds of advice you can get when it comes to relationships. People will either give you an advice because they have good intentions or because they what to screw you over.

The thing is that even good advice can work out as bad sometimes, depending on the situation. Here we’re going to present you situations where just maybe you shouldn’t follow some advice.

1.    You need to find someone who is better for you.

If you are in a relationship where the only thing you go after is personal profit, then you are on the wrong track. Being in a relationship where you only search for personal profit can only end up badly and it will certainly not give you the happiness you were hoping for.

2.    Do not be a pushover, you be the boss.

In a healthy relationship, each partner has a field where he/she shines and logically they take the lead in those situations. If you want strong and loving relationship there must be mutual support and understanding.

3.    Always ask your partner to be more romantic.

There are different stages in every relationship and each one of them can be beautiful. Romance is probably the one that happens first, but it cannot last forever because eventually, the relationship has to move to the next stage.

4.    Keep your mouth shut, avoid making things worse.

Every single relationship has fights and arguments. What is the most important thing to do when a conflict occurs is to face it and resolve it. Closing your eyes to things like these can only lead to more problems. Communication is very important.

5.    You have the right to read their private conversations.

There is something called abusive behavior and it is a result of when someone of the partners starts to intrusively read personal conversations, tracking the other partner’s every move and calling them all day long.

You should never make your partner an emotional or physical hostage of your jealousy; it can only lead to bad relationship.

6.    Constantly reminding them of how their earnings are not enough.

You can always make little conflicts into something huge if you mention things like earning money. There is proper way to say things like these and it should be in the right moment.

7.    Just look at me and see how it is done.

Your partner is not your child and you should not make them copy what you are doing. Yes, you should try to learn from other people’s mistakes, but you should not copy everything other people do. You live your life, not someone else’s.

We listen to other people’s advice hoping that they see something we can’t. But, only you and your partner can see the relationship truly. This is why probably you should follow your gut instead of other people’s advice.

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