The Following 7 Hobbies Make You Look Smarter, According to Science

The Following 7 Hobbies Make You Look Smarter, According to Science

Many years ago, the talents were only considered to be god-gifted. Humans believed in this and thought that their IQ level was born with them. But nowadays, the level of the IQ can be calculated not only of humans, but of the animals too.

With the development and the huge progress of the science, the humanity now can produce results in strengthening its IQ level, and build it up higher and higher.

Below are the 7 hobbies (science-proved) that will definitely enlarge your IQ level:

Playing an instrument

We are all familiar with the fact that a regular practice increases our talents, mind and capacities of knowledge. Playing a certain musical instrument strengthens the ability to think and increases the levels of our cognitive skills.

Our brains start thinking ‘outside the box’ while learning the outcomes of the instrument. We become more energetic and definitely more creative. After a longer period of practicing, the concentration rises and the brain is capable of solving more difficult problems. It is easier for the brain to process information, and that’s how the person who plays the instrument can lead better communications and improve his/her mathematical capacities.

Read a lot

Researchers revealed that reading fiction is actually very productive for people to become more successful.

Reading becomes a powerful therapy to escape the reality and enter the entire new world. Reading books like the Song of Ice and Fire series or The Lord of the Rings will help you to calm down and determine to something very different from your regular problems and everyday activities. The action of reading will raise the 3 important types of intelligence – crystallized, emotional and fluid.

Reading will help you collect information easily, solve issues, captain the problems better, create better relations with humans and many others.

Exercise constantly

Science confirms exercising helps you become smarter and more efficient. While exercising regularly, your brain learns how to process information while receiving orders from your physical activities. This becomes like a gym for the brain and you instantly become ready to face new challenges.

The cells of the brain are charged with BDNF while exercising. This improves the memory, the concentration and the ability to understand things easily.

Start learning a new language

Be brave enough to start learning new language alone. Your memory will be hundred percents improved, and you will gain plenty of skills. One of which is the organizational skill.

Knowing more languages is also good for your professional resume. Many companies lack people that speak more than 2 languages. It will give you plus points.

Make a test on your cumulative way of learning

We often tend to forget some information that we find less important. It is in our nature to separate the important from the less important information.

Learning a new language requires constantly practicing the vocabulary and the grammar. This is known as cumulative learning.

The cumulative learning produces many brilliant techniques in life, like carrying a note in your pocket so you can write things down and not worrying that you will forget them.

  Exercise your brain

Crosswords, puzzles, mystery games, riddles and everything that puts your brain into the thinking mode, is considered to be an exercise for the brain.

The brain will then release the energy and become more accurate in the thinking process.


An experiment by the scientist Richard Davidson done on Dalai Lama while meditating has proven that in the state of meditation the brain is more compassionate.

Meditation can help you to manipulate your emotions. Learning that, you will definitely become stronger person.

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