7 Signs You Have a Guardian Angel Who’s Trying to Reach Out to You

7 Signs You Have a Guardian Angel Who’s Trying to Reach Out to You

Guardian angels exist and they’re all around us, in the spiritual realm, watching over us and guarding us on our path through life. They exist in the spiritual realm and are invisible to the human eye, but they influence us through channeled messages, visions, dreams and they make sure we don’t stray from our chosen path. Many times we receive different signals from them, which means that they’re trying to contact us and to tell us something important. Their signals may seem meaningless and random, especially at first, but over time, they increase in number and frequency. All we need to do is recognize them and listen to what they want to tell us.

If you believe your guardian angel is trying to contact you, here are some of the most common signs they send when they want to reach out. These may be noticed when you’re in some dilemma, when you’re about to make a life changing decision or when there’s something that’s bothering you and you need guidance on how to proceed. Or they may just want to tell you that there’s always someone watching over you, thinking of you and being there for you.


One of the most common signals from guardian angels are feathers. You may find them on your path or notice them somewhere around you. This means that your guardian angel is near, that he or she is watching over you and supports you every step of the way.


If you see a cloud in the form of an angel, your guardian is near and is watching over you. He wants you to know that he’s here and always present.


Scents are also a way in which your guardian angel is trying to show his presence. If you notice a sweet, unusual scent which can’t be traced back to some usual source, it’s your angel, confirming his presence.


Babies notice the presence of guardian angels easier than adults, so when they’re near, they’re at ease. If you see a baby looking up in the air, smiling, you can be sure your guardian angel is watching over you.


Guardians angels also communicate through music, so if you hear some beautiful angelic music or singing in your head, it’s your angel, showing his presence.


It may sound silly, but if you constantly find coins around the house or outside, it’s your guardian angel’s way to show you he’s got your back and he supports you in everything you do.

Light Shimmers

If you start seeing light shimmers, orbs and flashes of colors it means your guardian angel is trying to contact you and show you that he’s here, around you, and watches over you.

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