If Your Partner Does These 7 Things, We’re Sorry to Break It to You, But They’re Not Your True Love

If Your Partner Does These 7 Things, We’re Sorry to Break It to You, But They’re Not Your True Love

Do you know what real love is? Is it finding the ideal partner who loves you unconditionally? Is it finding a partner you can be yourself with? It’s all of this and more. True love comes only once in our life and shouldn’t be missed. Finding an ideal partner may take some time, but once you do, you’ll know they’re the one.

Recognizing if your partner is truly the one you’re going to spend your time with can be hard, as many people hide their emotions well. Fortunately for you, we have 7 signs which will help you see through their lies and recognize they’re not your true love.

They Can’t Read You

The ideal partner will read your mind every once in a while. Well, not exactly unless he’s Professor X, but there are moments when partners just know what you’re going to do or say exactly. This is an indication that you have a strong bond between you that won’t break no matter what.

They Don’t Give You Compliments

You thought compliments are only effective while you’re still dating? You’re wrong. Compliments are a very important part of relationships and can make all the difference. If your partner doesn’t compliment your looks from time to time, they’re not your true love.

They Neglect You

A partner who truly loves you will never neglect you. They will check up on you often, call you to hear your voice and make you a nice chicken soup when you fall ill. If they don’t do all of this and they don’t really care what you do, they are not your true love.

You Overthink Stuff

Soulmates should never overthink stuff – whenever they want to send a message, they’ll just write what they want and hit send. If you find yourself overthinking stuff when you write to them, sorry, but they might not be your soulmate.

You Can’t Imagine Your Future Together

Not being able to imagine a future together is a major sign that the love you feel isn’t real. We’re not thinking about imagining a wedding or children, but having a clear view of some kind of future together with your partner is a must.

You Always Make Excuses for Them

If you find yourself explaining your partner’s actions all too often, you need to ask yourself if they’re truly the one. Don’t justify their behavior – let them do it instead.

They’re Not Happy to See You

A partner you’re truly in love with should be happy and smiling when they see you. Their eyes should light up as you’re everything in their life. It’s simple – if they’re not happy to see you, they probably don’t love you as well.

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