These 8 signs show that you’re an empath sensitive to energy

These 8 signs show that you’re an empath sensitive to energy

If you have read about empaths before, you probably know that these are highly sensitive people. That means that they are able to feel other people’s energy and feelings besides their own. Because of their super sensitivity, empaths appear to have some superpowers; they are so intuitive that they can sink with other people’s emotions. If you have these eight signs then probably you are an empath as well.

1.    You often dream about events before they actually happen.

Empaths occasionally have dreams about some events that actually happen later in the real life. It might seem like a coincidence. but the dreams are so detailed that it just cannot be a coincidence. This probably is your super high intuition that helps you see things before they happen.

2.    When your intuition helps you predict some bad situation.

You know that feeling in your guts that tells you something bad is going to happen? We tend to ignore it but if it is persistent and it turns out to be right, then you probably have very high intuition. The kind of intuition that is common for empaths.

3.    You find some people very easy to connect with.

You are able to feel the vibes that one person is sending. Those can either be good or bad. The ones that send good vibes are those who attract you and you are able to instantly create some bond with them.

4.    Most of the times you get what you wanted.

It comes easier for you to achieve your goals and dreams than it is for other people.

5.    People drain your energy a lot.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time with masses of people you will start feeling exhausted. This leads to the need to stay away from people in order to recuperate from all those energies and emotions that have been around you.

6.    You are able to predict events before they actually happen.

You usually know the outcome from some situations before it actually happens.

7.    You can always say if someone is being fake.

Your judgment about people’s honesty or dishonesty is always spot on.

8.    For you even silent rooms are noisy.

Even when the people around you are silent, you can feel their emotions and they speak louder than their voices do.

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