8 Signs of A Strong Personality That Many People Misunderstand

8 Signs of A Strong Personality That Many People Misunderstand

Many times people can get scared by a person with a strong personality. People can’t seem to understand the type of person you are and often shy away from making contact with you.

Your personality may come off as dominating to some, plain rude to others and simply scary to many, but all of these interpretations of your character are far from the truth. Strong people are quite gentle on the inside and don’t want to dominate anyone, they just want others to let them me and not judge them for their quirky nature.

You’ve probably come across many people that seem intimidated by you, but this has nothing to do with you and your personality, it’s got more to do with the fact that others find it difficult to understand that strong people are so comfortable with themselves that they don’t need anyone else’s validation.

Below you’ll find the 8 main characteristics of your strong personality and the reason why many people may be scared of you:

You don’t tolerate excuses

Strong people don’t tolerate excuses. You simply can’t stand listening to others whining about how they can’t do something or how difficult it’s been for them. This is just a waste of time for you and you’d rather be focusing on what you can do in life and how to overcome certain difficulties you’ve come across.

Never see this as a negative trait because it’s always better to skip the excuses and focus on how you can fix the situation rather than contemplating on what went wrong.

You Don’t Just Let Anyone in Your Life

Strong people will not let you in their life just like that. They don’t need people to feel better, they’re just fine on their own, at least until they find the person worth opening up for. Unlike many other people who need someone to tell them what they’re worth or compliment them for their achievements, strong people can figure it out on their own and validate themselves.

There’s no Time in Life for Small Talk

If you have a strong personality you probably hate small talk and you believe it’s a waste of time. There’s so much to do in life and so many ideas to share, that wasting time on chit-chat seems like torture.

Your friends probably wonder why you won’t participate in their gossips and endless discussions on who wore it better, but you prefer to spend your time doing something constructive and not waste any brain cells on stupid small talk.

You Can’t Tolerate Ignorance and Insensitivity

There’s a big difference from dominating personalities and strong personalities, the former usually come from lack of knowledge and influence while the latter are well-informed and thoughtful, so you should never get the two confused.

You’ve invested so much in using your brain for positive, well-planed things so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you simply can’t stand people who behave ignorantly or insensitively. You hate people who jump to conclusions and judge others on matters they don’t know anything about.

You’re a Great Listener

This is one of your favorite traits and you actually believe it’s the trait other people value the most in you. But the truth is that people are so used to being ignored that when they face a person who listens to them carefully the

You’re Not an Attention Seeker

People with strong personalities don’t need anyone’s attention. Many people in your life would probably say otherwise, but only because you’re often the center of attention as a result of your personality. It’s not something you aspire towards, it’s not something that you seek, it’s just something can happens naturally to you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Even though you’re often the center of social events, since this is not something you seek, being in the center of attention can often make you feel like you need time to recharge afterwards. Don’t be foolish and take your time, as caring for yourself is just as important as caring for others.

You are Fearless

We’re not saying that these people are completely fearless, there must be something that scares them as well, just like other people, but the thing is that strong people never let fear dictate their life and know how to overcome it and persevere.

Insecurities are an Opportunity for You

Every insecurity in life is a chance for them to become better, to progress and overcome their fears. No person is perfect, we all have our faults but the main thing is how we act on the insecurities in life. If we accept them as they are and use them as an opportunity to evolve and grow it will make us a stronger person. Strong people don’t let the insecurities in life prevent them from living life to the fullest and accept the things they’re insecure about.

There’s no doubt that people with strong personalities can be difficult to be around as they’ll never sugarcoat anything for you and will tell you the truth to your face. They’ll challenge other people to be at their best and never let anyone tell them otherwise. But these people will make you become a better version of yourself and you should be thankful for that.

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