8 Things Alpha Women Couldn’t Care Less About

8 Things Alpha Women Couldn’t Care Less About

They don’t care about what others say behind their back

Do you still think that talking behind her back is something she cares about? Well, think twice because a strong woman couldn’t care less about what you think about her. She’ll simply avoid you and you won’t exist for her anymore. She values herself too much to allow your petty gossip to affect her and her self-image. No matter what you say, you can’t piss her off. You’re nothing to her, accept it and move on with your petty life.

They don’t care about putting on masks

A strong woman will always express how she feels, what she thinks and what she wants, no exceptions. If she’s happy she’ll laugh your eras off, if she’s sad she’ll cry it out and she’s mad she’ll yell it out, no shame in anything. They accept themselves for who they are and they’re not embarrassed in showing the world how they feel.

They don’t care about the rules

Strong women don’t care about what other people do or say, they’ve got their own set of rules and play by them. Strong women believe in themselves and have their own opinions, thoughts and beliefs and never let anyone or anything compromise them. Accepting something just because it’s what most people do or think is not their style and never will be. No strong woman will ever play by other rules than her own.

They don’t care about the past

The past is the past and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t change it or make something better if it’s already happened. Strong women know that the past is the past and we all need to focus on the present. The present is the only tense they care about.

They don’t care about fashion trends

Stilettos are in this season? Who cares, she feels more comfortable in her flats and that’s what she’ll wear. Strong women don’t follow fashion trends blindly, they’ll never wear anything just because it’s in or stylish. They wear what they find comfortable, what they find fashionable and what they think fits their own personal style. If it sometimes coincides with the trend, so be it, but it’s never the other way around. No strong woman will ever follow a trend, she will create it and let others follow her.

They don’t care about being supported

No strong woman needs support. She’s an independent person, capable of winning her own battles and doesn’t need anyone to hold her hand and tell her it’s going to be OK. A strong woman knows how to take care of herself and doesn’t need anyone to do it for her.

They don’t care about politeness

A strong woman isn’t rude, but she isn’t overly polite either. They will come up to your face and say it as it is, no sugar coating. They’ll give you the harsh truth, no matter how you feel. No thanks or sorry needed.

They don’t care about social networks

Whatever happens on Facebook or Instagram, they know it’s fake. They live in real life and don’t let the social media rule them. Will she be worried if a guy didn’t like her photo on Facebook, or didn’t messaged her back? Of course not, never in a million years. They don’t need anyone’s reassurance and don’t wait around to see how other people react to their posts. Social media are meaningless to them and there’s nothing more they love than talking to a person face to face

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