8 Tips On How To Keep Your Man Forever

8 Tips On How To Keep Your Man Forever

Being a woman in today’s world can be really complicated, times are changing, we’re evolving and yet somehow we never seem to find our place in society. And men just make things more complicated, as if we didn’t have it hard enough already, they come in our life and start shaking it from the ground up, leaving us wondering what just happened. Some would say just let them be, they’re all the same and there’s no point in trying to change them. But this is far from the truth, all men are different, they may have some traits in common, but deep down they’re all individual characters that act in a unique way.

It’s understanding that in a given situation some people, not just men, will act in a similar way and that’s what probably makes women draw the conclusion that they’re all the same. Despite all of this, men do have something in common, what they love and respect in a woman, and knowing this will make every woman’s life easier.

The following list is comprised of the things that every woman should know if she wants to keep her man and enjoy a happy, peaceful relationship:

1. Don’t be impulsive

No man wants his girl to act impulsively and bother him with all kinds of silly, little things. Men are simple beings and all they want in a relationship is to be with a woman who’s calm and enjoy their oasis of peace. If you manage to keep your cools even in some pretty crazy situations, every man will be crazy about you. If you, on the other hand, throw a temper tantrum at the slightest provocation you should reconsider your attitude. Start taking control over your temper, try yoga or meditation and as soon as you start feeling calmer on the inside, you’ll see the change you want.

2. Express your intelligence

Men aren’t just interested in your looks, they want your brain as well. No man wants to be with an empty-headed Barbie-lookalike, they want their girl to be able to engage him in a conversation, challenge him intellectually and that’s much more important than your looks.

3. Don’t lie

If you lie to him or you conceal the truth, your relationship will never last. Men hate dishonest women and you can only keep him by your side if you always tell him the truth, no matter what. No relationship can be founded on lies and dishonesties. Be open and be honest and he’ll adore you for that.

4. Care for him

Deep down, all men really want is for someone to care for them, nothing more. If you show him love and tenderness, if you’re gentle and caring towards him, he’ll appreciate you even more.

5. Humor keeps the relationship alive

We need humor in our life to stay alive, but so does the relationship. Nothing is more attractive in a person than her or his positive attitude in life and men love women who enjoy life to the fullest, love to laugh and have fun. Women with a good sense of humor can make everything better, shed light to the hardest moments in life and will keep their men happy and laughing. A happy man will never leave your side!

6. Respect yourself

You can’t respect your partner to respect you if you don’t respect yourself. You need to learn how to respect yourself and build your confidence and this will make you shine. Don’t let anyone disrespect you and learn how to stand up for yourself, no one deserves to be treated any less. A feeling of confidence and self-respect will radiate from you and your man will love you even more.

7. Be generous

Be kind and generous in life, not just to keep your man besides you, but to keep everyone else at your side as well. No one likes to be around a person filled with hatred and spite, this negative energy reflects on other people and make them feel negative as well. Being kind and generous, on the other hand, will make everyone around you love you and respect you for your kindness, including your partner. A kind word and a big smile can get you places, remember that.

8. Romance is the key

A romantic woman is every man’s dream. It’s important that you know how to keep the spark alive, make small romantic gestures from time to time so that you man knows you love having him by your side. These gestures will be reciprocated and he’ll make you feel special as well. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been forever for ages, a nice candle-lit dinner from time to time, or a romantic getaway trip will do wonders for your relationship.

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