Here Are 8 Things Women That Have Been Heartbroken Too Many Times Do

Here Are 8 Things Women That Have Been Heartbroken Too Many Times Do

If you’ve ever went through a heartbreak, you know how hard it can be. Disappointments and heartbreaks can cause deep scars that last for life and can also change our life for either good or worse. If you keep an open mind and you have a positive outlook on life, you’ll know that you shouldn’t let disappointments beat you down – in fact, they could be the door you’ve always wanted to open.

However, when it comes to women and heartbreaks, breaking her heart too many times can have horrible consequences on her life. These experiences are pretty painful and can turn even the most resilient women into monsters that give up on life. These women often lose hope for life after one heartbreak, which drastically changes their persona.

Here are 8 things a woman who’s been hurt too many times does:

She Laughs At Romance

Women who’ve been heartbroken a million times don’t believe in a positive outlook on life anymore. They laugh at romance and consider love a fake cliché. Romance is dead to them just like their feelings.

She Stops Believing In True Love

When a woman’s heart is repeatedly broken, she will eventually stop believing in true love. She can’t help it – after so many disappointments, she’ll eventually turn to stone armed with irony and sarcasm that help her survive the cruel, cold world of love.

She No Longer Has Respect For People

Some women wear their heart on their sleeves and when it gets broken too many times, they’ll close themselves in their shell and lose all respect for people. These women will never reveal themselves to others and consider love dead.

She Hangs Out With The Wrong Crowd

This happens way too often. Women who’ve been hurt too many times have a tendency of getting with the wrong crowd. They eventually become comfortably numb and nothing gets to them. This kind of behavior can often result in a one-way ticket to hell.

She Starts Breaking Other People’s Hearts

Women who have been hurt a thousand times eventually transform to heartless people who start hurting others. They don’t believe in love anymore, so they only use people up and leave them heartbroken, just like others did to them.

She Accepts Sadness As A Part Of Life

Being hurt so many times makes these women accept sadness and sorrow as a part of their life. Instead of fighting these feelings, they embrace them and became a shell of their former self.

She Thinks Everyone Wants To Use Her

The shattered soul of heartbroken women makes them a cynical person who thinks everyone’s out to use them. After so many disappointments, she’s convinced herself that there are no more kind people left on Earth – the only thing that’s left are manipulative bastards that exist to play with her emotions.

Although The Pain Was Bad, A Little Voice Told Her To Keep Going

Women who have had their heart broken too many times may have given up on life, but there’s still a voice in them that tells them to keep believing in change. This voice whispers “Don’t give up!” to them and it may be the spark that will help them find love once more.

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